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August 19 2006

New preview videos of Gina Torres' series "Standoff." IGN has added new videos (including a tour of the set) to its web page on "Standoff," the new Gina Torres series from Fox, which premieres on Tuesday, September 5 (after the season premiere of "House").

I saw the "Standoff" pilot itself along with other Fox pilots at the Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles tonight. Gina's great in her role as the chief of the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit. You simply have to watch the first ten minutes, because Gina's first line is a GIANT shout-out to "Firefly." :)

I like September, there will indeed several Whedonesque review threads devoted to the new shows that the Jossverse cast and crew are on.
It's great that so many good people (actors, writers, producers, etc.) are working on new projects!
I was excited to watch this show anyway, but now I'm really excited to see what the shout-out is!

Gina's team is called to a hostage standoff at the same place she, Mal and the gang rob in Serenity. She approaches the first cop at the scene and says, "Reavers?".

LMAO, jaynelovesvera! :-)

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