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August 19 2006

The complete Jossverse Worldcon schedule. Off to Anaheim next week? Want to see what's relevant for you? Well here's the schedule (many thanks to deannaB for compiling it).

This is the first I've heard about this, even googling it doesn't come up with much information.
It's the World Science Fiction Convention, which is held in a different location every year for the past 60+ years. This year is Anaheim; recent WorldCons were in Glasgow, Boston, Toronto, San Jose, Philadelphia, Chicago, Melbourne, and Baltimore. Next year will be in Yokahama, Japan.

It is one of the most important science fictino/fantasy conventions in the world, and for a long time was the largest, though it's been lapped by Comic-Con and Dragon*Con. It's where the Hugo Awards are given, and is the largest gathering of literary SF professionals in the world.

Because of its location this year, there's a higher percentage of media folk, though it's mostly on the writing side.
Here is the convention home page and here is the full programme schedule.
Great work, deannaB! Can't go, but it's still really impressive to see how many Whedonverse folk are doing panels and signings (esp. Krad, Jane Espenson and Tim Minear, who all have a couple of things happening). Yay Whedonverse! :-)

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