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August 19 2006

Poster for 'The Air I Breathe'. This is one of Sarah Michelle Gellar's new movies.

I'm almost positive that this hasn't been posted before. I like the poster, and it looks like Sarah got top billing.

BTW, my first post here. Hi everyone!

I actually think it's a little blah, but I'm excited that her movies are finally taking form.
I really like the main image, but overall composition is meh. Can't wait to see her new films. :) Ooh, Julie Delpy is in it, I love her. :)

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I added a bit of info about whose movie it is so people would know straight off.
In case anybodys wondering about the wrong spelling of Juile's name and Alan Smithee being the director they were traced back to here

Go to key-art and click on the Taib poster

That poster and a second one are there.Alphabetical order on the second one so SMG's not first.

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"A drama based on an ancient Chinese proverb that breaks life down into four emotional cornerstones: happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love." SMG plays the part of Sorrow, should be right up her alley.

I hate the poster, but one of the characters is called "Seedy old man" so it looks like I will have to see it.
That billing is amazing for SMG. Those are some pretty heavy hitters that are after her name. I am tempted to see this movie just for the cast.
This gives me a Crash vibe.
I'm sorry, there's just not enough enthusiasm in this thread:

YAY! I actually love the poster, graphically, and am very very excited about this movie.

Yeah, the poster reminds to Crash to me too. I prefer the butterfly+gun design (the first one, without the floating heads).
I hope this one won't turn into a bad movie like (for me) that, I'm really, really looking forward to this one.
Love the poster. Am very excited about this film.
Love the poster. Bit meh about film. Excellent billing for Sarah.
I echo looking forward to this. The poster is quite interesting and beautiful at the same time. It really makes you want to know more about this film.

According to IMDB the actress that plays Young Sorrow in this film played the character of Buffy on Family Affair. Cute.

And it isn't even like it's in alphabetical order or anything, she just got top billing!

I never thought I would be this happy tht SMG, or anyone, got top billing on a movie poster.


Oh, and the poster's nice too, I guess.
That's what I thought, delirium_haze! A kind of ensemble drama. I think the poster looks great and the conept sounds intriguing, so I'm hoping it will be a great film and a big success for Sarah. It's this kind of project that will hopefully get her the attention and respect she deserves.
The main image in the poster is quite compelling.I really like it.
Yeah I really like the tagline too. And the shot is very interesting, if not alot like Crash. Emotion and characters are what I love, thats what I love Buffy in the first place, and thats what it looks like this movie is about. Good stuff.
Well it looks like that makes SMG's kevin bacon # 1 now. Maybe that's another reason to rejoice.
SMGFAN.COM are reporting that the poster was a mockup that was used for this years Cannes festival film market and is not an offical poster

Hope it does become the offical poster
SMGFAN.COM are reporting that the poster was a mockup that was used for this years Cannes festival film market and is not an offical poster

Oops, I guess I jumped the gun. It's just at this point, I guess I 'm a little desperate for any news about Sarah. :)
I can certainly understand that Danab. Did anyone notice that the picture in the poster could easily pass as Angel carrying Buffy away from a horrible situation? My Buffy brain is always working.
IMO that could pass as the back of David Boreanaz. The fanart people will be happy.

Real or not, I love the poster. Can't wait to see this movie.
We should have a contest guessing which of Sarah's costars is actually holding her in the poster. Looks a little like Alec Baldwin to me. What?...Oh, wrong movie.
I actually like the poster...I think I like it more than the one I previously saw with the butterfly and gun.

But am I mistaken or wasn't Ken Watanabe originally cast along with this movie?
Ken Watanbe was originally in talks to appear in the film, as was Diego Luna, and their names were included on an early publicity poster (sometime around October 2005). However, the casting changed very quickly after that, with the announcement of the cast as shown on this new "mock-up" poster. Filming took place in Mexico City and wrapped in early March 2006.
At last -- my opportunity to take fierce exception to an innocent, controversy-free statement and use it as an excuse to go on and on about my pet subject:

. . . the poster could easily pass as Angel carrying Buffy away from a horrible situation . . .

Nay! Because the ever-specific Sarah Michelle is acting the role of Sorrow at a particular point on her arc, not any other character at any other time.

I don't know how she does it, but her face, even though it takes up about 2 percent of the entire poster, somehow communicates a complete character. (Which intrigues me, since she's playing an allegory, and allegories aren't always complete characters with back stories. I mean, you never find out how Good Fellowship or Riot turned out that way.)

The poster works for me since it makes me ask what exactly happened to that woman. I can tell it was something big and traumatic, but that it had a particular, individual impact on this one character. The way her right arm wraps around the man's neck looks kind of secure, like the crisis is in the immediate past. But the way her left hand clutches the back of his coat a little too tightly conveys great emotional turmoil, some continuing after-effect. And her face says, this experience aged me, took away something precious. And her hair says . . . well, I don't know if anyone has ever truly mastered hair-acting, but hers certainly seems to be carrying its share of the dramatic load.

The woman squeezes an arc into a single shot!

Again I am awed by Sarah Michelle's ability to convey, without visible effort, complex and contradictory dramatic stuff.

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