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April 11 2003

(SPOILER) Guess which band is appearing in the finale? Very fitting.

Nerf Herder , yay!!!!

Has the finale been shot yet? NH are on tour currently - they're scheduled to be at TT the Bear's in Cambridge MA on Monday the 14th.
So, there's gonna be a scene at the Bronze in the finale? Very cool - there hasn't been enough Bronze action this season. And leenah - they've been filming the finale last week and this week. I think shooting is supposed to wrap for good on the 15th.
ah, perfection! But when I first read the teaser I was thinking "Dingoes Ate My Baby". ;)
This is so so cool. I saw them in Leicester (UK) late last year and they rocked.

Buffy theme live + moshing = so much better!
I'm planning to go see 'em here in Cambridge on Monday. The show's only $8, so come on out and support if you're around!
daaaah da dee da -- da da --- da dee daaa ...
They're still shooting the finale.
They're still shooting the finale.
Ya know.. they could use Dishwalla's "Angels or Devils" for the season finale. I can totally imagine scenes... :sigh:

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