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August 19 2006

The Serenity ornament is SHINY! says C.A. Bridges of Dark Horse took their time manufacturing this 6" long reproduction of our favorite Firefly-class vessel, but the results are outstanding.

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And here's my non-headline-worthy snapshot of mine, which arrived today:
Clicky click

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I got mine today too! I wish it was a lot bigger!!
I'm still waiting... Anybody got some Serenity logo decals that would fit?
Flanatic, you mean you wish it was life-sized and with humans on board? Me too!
That thing is amazingly sweet. I can't wait!
"Flanatic, you mean you wish it was life-sized and with humans on board? Me too!"

Yup, that's exactly what I meant and I want it to be able to fly too!! :)
Unplugged want.

Unplugged very nicely ask other user to buy for Unplugged. Unplugged even pay postage!
Telltale want too.

Telltale no need no steenkin' postage, just wants comic shop to hurry up! As original poster of the news about the ornament, Telltale thinks it's no fair for others to have it before him. :-P

Willbueche--wow, they have BSG die-casts? Please tell me those were either some sold out limited edition or completely out of my price range, or I'll be forced to collect them all like Pokemon without the freakishly annoying.

[ edited by Telltale on 2006-08-20 12:11 ]
Unplugged want.

Unplugged Hulked-out? ;-)

What the heck -- Billz want, too. Twins rule! :-)
That looks amazing. I shall definitely be getting one.
zencat want. zencat buy. zencat have (soon).

mmm. Serenity.
Was wondering where those where. I ordered the Serenity Zippo the same month, didn't know there'd be a delay with the ornament.

The guy at TFAW's minor nitpick is that there's no Serenity logo on the ship. I guess you could just pretend it's a pre-movie version, a Firefly version before the crew got the logo put on? To me, only having those pics to go from, it almost looks like a cross between the more angular TV version and the comparatively rounder version of the film anyway.
I'm getting one for my keychain; I tend to lose my keys a lot.
Yes billz, I am usually humble/geeky radiation scientist, Bruce Banner, but, like, I get all Hulk-y when my wallet refuses to pony up the dough to let me buy nifty Serenity ornaments.

Which, y'know, happens all the time.
Word, Unplugged. My wallet pretty much refuses to have any dough, ever. ;-)
Unplugged smash puny bills?

(Heh. 'Bills' with an s, not a z. :-P)
I'm confused. Several people upthread, understandably impatient for delivery of their shiny ornament, made comments about shipping. I thought the new Whedonesque rules banned all talk of shipping.
Anyone know what's the best place online to buy one of those things? Does Amazon sell them?
Unplugged smash puny bills?

(Heh. 'Bills' with an s, not a z. :-P)

Damn right, Telltale. I may have my challenges, but I'm not puny, yo. ;-)

I thought the new Whedonesque rules banned all talk of shipping.

LOL! jaynelovesvera, you're on such a roll of hi-larity, dude! :-)

AnotherFireflyfan, the page this link goes to has some links to TFAW, among others, where the ornament is being sold. Just scroll down the page a ways. I tried looking for it on Amazon, but no love there. HTH.
The Serenity Ornament is now also officially listed on the list of items shipping to comic ships though Diamond on Wednesday US/Thursday most of the rest of us.

And while we're at it, Astonishing #16 is shipping, too!
Yes, Unplugged has had to smash many puny bills.

And even if billz is not puny, I could still so take him. ;-)
Wha? Rrrr. billz SMASH big-talking twin! ;-)
Careful, you two--or I'll set the Hulkbusters* on you.

*: Yes, actual reference to group existing in the comics. I think they were usually more Hulk-busted, though. ;-)
The Hulkbusters.

Should the Ghostbusters sue?

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