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August 20 2006

Happy Birthday, James Marsters! If my math at 12:30am holds, James turns 44 today.

Hope you have a great day with many happy returns, Mr. Marsters! :-)
Hey twin billz, we're the first two to comment. :-D

Happy birthday, James!
Happy Birthday, James. Hope you have a great day !
And he doesn't look a day over 41 *g*
Happy birthday James , still looking fine!
Best wishes for today. You're aging beautifully, like fine wine.
Happy birthday, James! My birthday wishes for you: health, happiness, success, your own series (preferably Spikecentric, 'cause, hey, this is my wish for you!) and two A-list movies a year, filmed during your series' hiatus.

Okay, the first three were serious; the rest were serious, too whimsical and only semi-serious, depending on what you want. But still. Many happy returns of the day. And many, many more to come. Aloha pumehana.
Happy Birthday James!! I hope all your wishes and dreams come true. Please make our wish come true and make a Spike spin off :-) Love Crystal xxxx
Happy birthday James! I wish you hope, health, happiness, peace of mind and lots of love.
Moloney? I thought I knew every show he had been on. There's goes my cred down the plug hole. And The Enforcers? Amber Benson, Andy Hallett and James Marsters? How did that one slip past me as well?
Happy birthday to my favorite actor in...ever.
Happy Birthday James!
Happy happy birthday. I wish you health happiness and prosperity.
"Moloney? I thought I knew every show he had been on. There's goes my cred down the plug hole. And The Enforcers? Amber Benson, Andy Hallett and James Marsters? How did that one slip past me as well?"

Maloney is rather fun, mostly because James ( as a lovelorn cop who goes off the rails when his fiance cheats on him with his partner) seems to be under the impression that he's in an entirely diferent show, one that's actually good :)

And the Mere Smith film The Enforcers is the holy grail of James fandom , no one has, to my knowledge ever found a copy . ( the " Enforcers" advertised on Amazon when you search for James is a film about the military police with no Buffyverse people at all, many copies of that have been ordered and returned but Amazon never seem to get round to correcting their information)
Happy Birthday James! I hope it's fantastic!
Happy happy birthday, James!
He's still the prettiest! He doesn't read the Net as I understand it, but I still wish him all the success he wants, plus all he desrves, which adds up to a lot!
Happy birthday to my favorite actor!
Happy birthday, James!
Happy birthday James!!! Hope your day is wonderful.
James, it's all "like buttuh" until you reach 48. Then the bod starts going, but somehow I think yours never will, nor your wonderful, reflective, free-spirited mind. Many happy returns.
Happy Birthday to my favorite Buffy character!!! We need more James on our TV like now.

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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite actors of one of my favorite tv characters! :) And lookin pretty good for only being 5 years younger than my
Happy Birthday!! Here's hoping you have a great year. You're still the best!! Luv ya!!
Happy birthday James!!! I hope that this will be a great year for you.
Happy Birthday James. May you be blessed with many, many more of the same. I wish you a very long, happy, healthy life filled with love and hope and everything your heart desires.
I also wish you everything my heart desires too...and that would be seeing you back on my TV or on the big screen very soon.
A Spike related format would make my dreams come true, but hey...just seeing you again would make my day.
God bless you James!!!!! You are indeed ....the best!
Happy Birthday James! Hope you have an awesome day! :D
Happy Birthday James! I wish you many more and lead in a hit show!
Happy Birthday, James!
Happy Birthday, James! 44 is the new 33.
Happy, happy birthday James! Have a funtabulous day!!
happy birthday James.

I hope you have a good day.
Happy Birthday James. I know you'll never read this, but I wanted to send you many happy returns. You still are a hottie, and I can't wait til we get to see you again, TV, Film, whatever. The world needs more James.
Happy Birthday! I hope everybody who sees you on the Queen Mary floods the net with new pictures and news about some upcoming roles for you.
Happy Birthday, James The Immortal.

"To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am." -- Bernard Baruch
Hey twin billz

I saw that once on a two-headed duck.
Just know that you have enriched and enhanced so many peoples' are a true treasure!

May God bless you forever!
Owwww, my favorite actor's birthday. Happy, happy birthday James! I hope the Hollywood gods smile on you in the future. I miss you on my TV every week.
Happy Birthday James. :)
Grattis pa Fodelsedagen.....oh. wrong language. Happy Birthday!
I too wish we had James on TV every week. Does anyone know what his status is on Smalville for the comming season???

If he can't return as Spike in one way or another, I would love to see him in a BBC styled mystery show a la "Murder City" or "Inspector Lynley". (I know he is American...but anyway).
Waht does thethest of you think about such a project??
Hey twin billz

I saw that once on a two-headed duck.

jaynelovesvera, you're on a hi-larity roll lately, dude! Signed, the one and only billz (who just happens to be in evil twindom with UnpluggedCrazy). ;-)
There are two-headed ducks?! I would totally get one.

And, yes, despite our nefarious twindom, billz and myself are totally individual people.

At least that's what the government keeps telling me.
Dude! Since when do you believe everything the Alliance government tells you? ;-)
All's I know is that he never had sexual relations with that woman.
What about the duck?
Well, it does rhyme... ;-)
Just rewatching some early Buffy, man does James look like a young punk in 'School Hard'. Happy birthday, sir! Thanks for bringing to life one of the greatest characters of all time.
Oh man zeitgeist...School are bringing back the fondest memories....when Spike first shows his human face as he turns to Dru and then when he's watching Buffy dance at the Bronze....
God...what a pretty pretty man!!!!!!!

Ok..I had a fangirl moment, but IMHO James looks as awesome now as he did then...a bit more mature yes, but still gorgeous.
Hope he had a wonderful birthday !!!!!
44? Hell...he's just hitting his prime.
Better with age a la Tony Head :)
Yeah...and I think Tony looks pretty damn good too...'better with age' must be true!
It's not just their looks keep getting better ... they "know" more. Know what I mean?
Yes TonyaJ...I uhmmmm definitely think I get your meaning.
They are more experienced, smoother, more savvy...sexier than ever.
Maybe they are kinda like 'fine wine'.
Happy birthday James! And also to my friend Naomi!!!
Belated birthday bumps to the delectable Mr. Marsters.


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