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August 21 2006

Computer-animated upcoming Buffy fanfilm: "WINTER" trailer. The story takes place immediately after "The Gift", but does not follow the canon from there. The director may still be looking for people to perform voices for Giles and Spike. Anyone interested in making movies this way may want to check out a brief guide to making Buffyverse computer-movies.

In related news, the creator of computer-animated Buffyverse fan series: "Consanguinity" revealed in his forum that Season 2 eps 1-2 are produced, but there will be break to improve the story arc before he continues to work on the season, and it's looking like the new episodes will not be released until more of Season 2 is complete.


I'm speculating that the story will follow a new slayer called 'Winter' (as opposed to Buffy Summers) who moves to Sunnydale and works with the Scoobies

Funny thing is, I've been doing some voices and stuff, and I've been working on a sort of bad (campy/cartoony-type) impression of first-season Giles:P
Should I contact the guy?
Well, I'm guessing they're looking for the 'standard Giles' rather than 'campy/cartoony Giles', and it may have been taken by now but you could try. You can PM the director at mike_and_ike's Profile
, else respond at that forum.

I just, like, inquired about being Spike or Giles. I'm American, but I think I can do a good accent...

*crosses fingers*
Good luck, Unplugged! That would rock! :-)
Poor Giles. He looked horrible.Still, good luck Unplugged!
Thanks y'all...still haven't received any word from the dude...

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