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August 21 2006

Jason Palmer releases limited edition River painting - first in a series of Serenity character portraits. "All prints feature the Universal Logo and are signed and numbered by the artist... Each edition will be limited to a very small number, and each of the cast members will be presented with their own copy."

Some of you may have seen a preview of this at ComicCon. It is gorgeous!

I want! My fangirlishness is killing my checking account.
Oh my god. That is just fucking awesome.
I think gossi summed it up to a T.
Colors, lighting, and textures are all phenomenal, but the likeness isn't quite there. If someone had shown me a cropped version showing only her head, only the hair would tell me it was River. Looks like an attempt was made to make her unique beauty appear more conventional. IMO.
That is very pretty... but I do think River kinda resembles Faith in that painting...
That painting is actually taken from a photo Universal took of Summer Glau, at the Serenity one sheet photo shoot. I dunno if the photos made it online.
Wow, shiny! Not too expensive too. I'd expect a canvas reproduction of something like that to run up to $500, but its only $170. I might just have to get me one of those. Kinda small though, only 13x19. It would be cooler if they were full size.

Maybe I'll wait for Mal.
The one sheet photo sheet photos can be found here:
I don't know what it is - the eyes or maybe the jawline, but when I look at the face, all I can see is Faith. (GVH I'm glad you noted the resemblance, I was afraid it was just me.) It's beautiful, but it blows my mind that it's supposed to be River, not Faith.
I'm all for photo referencing but sometimes it can go a bit too far.
Well, the face looks like a screen capture from the scene where the Alliance troops are awaiting the Operative's orders to shoot. But I think it's great, especially considering what the artist was able to render with the terrible quality of those one-sheet shots.

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That is just beautiful! Really lovely.
CaptainB, Universal will probably have provided him with the high quality versions. They're, like, 6000 pixels wide by something stupid deep.

It's actually incredible to look at photos of Summer from her times on Firefly in 2002 and compare them to recent photos of her. She looks very different.
It's a very nice painting, but the face just looks wrong, even if going by those one-sheet photos. Hrm.
Really pretty, but, yeah, Faith-ish. Or cover-of-European-DVD-ish.
Hmm, yeah, if I didn't know the pose and clothes, I wouldn't automatically think 'River'. I see the Faith a bit, but I wouldn't think her either.

It's very lovely, but just not 'spot-on'.
Faith ... or Alyssa Milano. I don't know if it's the eyeshadow and liner or if the chin is just a tad too pointy.
It is also the angle of the face. In the photo, her face is tilted up and she is looking down. In the painting it is the opposite and results in a very Faith like pose.
Pretty, but not River, imho.
She looks more River-like in his Serenity print. His work is stunning. I was quite taken with Shindig, I must say.
I recognised the photo it was adapted from straight away so I, of course, recognised it as River as soon as I looked at it.

That said, it does look a lot like Faith :P I think it's a combination of the eyebrows and forehead and jawline.

I would still buy it though :)

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Gorgeous painting, but it doesn't look like River. The shape of her face is wrong. Still, very nice.
Faith/River... the face can go either way for me, but the bust is definitely not River!

Not to be confused with mountains, lovely though I'm sure they are ;)
River/Summer isn't that flat :S

Look at the photo it's taken from - see? they aren't mountains that's for sure, but they're substantial :P
They may not be mountains, but they're enough to get me to them thar hills, by diggity.
Er, can we just say, "She is a very lovely woman with a nice figure, but the painting does not entirely resemble her"?!

[ edited by billz on 2006-08-22 07:30 ]
There are currently two threads on the front page containing comments on Nathan Fillion's "ass", and there have been a number in the past. I haven't ever seen an admonition from any member here taking issue with that. Almost seems sexist, in a nice way. But if I've offended, I do apologise.
Well, you make a good point, jaynelovesvera. Now that you point it out to me, I realize it is sexist to defend Summer's breasts, but let Nathan's ass go, er, uncovered. I should regard remarks about both people equally. So I apologize if I seemed too defendy about making comments about Ms. Glau's anatomy. :-)

Or maybe I was just too terrified to take on James Gunn, who was making most of the naughty comments about Mr. Fillion and his sexual habits. Funny, yet horribly, horribly naughty.

Er, nice figure, Summer! Equally as nice as Nathan's!

Carry on. That is all. :-)
This is a tough crowd.
billz:"Er, can we just say, 'She is a very lovely woman with a nice figure, but the painting does not entirely resemble her'?!"

Yep. And nice painting. But bingo, Lioness, I think it is partly the changed tilt of the face that transformed her with a come-hither Faith-face.
The head shot here would look great floating on a movie poster.
Hm, I agree, although Summer has a nice figure, she is not that big-busted.
Thing is, Ms. Glau looks very different from picture to picture. Check out the galleries on
Chris Bridges, that is very true Summer Glau does look very different in different roles, which makes it all the more important to copy a picture of her 'in character' as River.
And can I mention how much I enjoyed her in the '4400' Sunday night? People had worried that she was being type cast as a crazy girl but that role has really turned into something very different and enjoyable.

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