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August 21 2006

Inkworks Pieceworks for Buffy Memories. Inkworks announced the 16 piecework cards for their upcoming Buffy Memories.

Pants worn by Buffy, Sweater worn by Buffy (Dual Swatch Card)

Jacket worn by Buffy,Dress worn by Anya (Dual Swatch Card)

Shirt worn by Giles, Pajama top worn by Dawn

Top worn by Willow, Bloody Sweater worn by Tara

Suit pants worn by Principal Wood, Jeans worn by Xander

Pajama top worn by Kennedy, Pajama pants worn by Molly

T-shirt worn by Vi, Tunic worn by Shadow Man

Overalls worn by Rona, Jacket worn by Andrew.

Okay, that's just...weird...

One man's opinion.
Personally its not my thing but not what I would call weird Chris, they have been doing these clothing inserts for years...I remember they cut up a Babe Ruth game jersey to insert in packs. At first I thought it was sacreligious to cut up a piece of history, then I thought it was nice that hundreds of people can enjoy it versus just one.
I thought there was a movie on Lifetime about this.
One does wonder where they'll stop.
I have an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit of Spike's leather coat from Buffy. Yes, it may be be weird but it is a prize possession.
Think about it... it's a little piece of Buffy history. Who wouldn't want that? And it's affordable. I remember when BtVS characters worn-on-the-show wardrobes went up for auction on ebay. Ppl were paying soooo much. I could never afford to buy one of those. Call me a geek, but I think the pieceworks card is a pretty cool idea.
Shirt worn by Giles, Pajama top worn by Dawn

I just knew Giles was a dirty old man. OK, middle-aged.
I think clothing inserts are a nice idea, but I do wonder when they will stop churning out merchandise. As trading cards aren't something I'm personally interested in, I don't really care whether they make them or not. I wonder why the cards are mostly based in seasons four, five and six? Perhaps they didn't have clothes from earlier seasons?'s not weird...or if it is I'm right there with you girl.
I have a little bit of Spike's coat too. Just couldn't help myself......
Didn't they chop up one of Spike's coats for a previous Inkwork's collection? I have vague memories of something like that.
That's right. That is what I have, Simon.
The people that get the pieces with the "blood" from Tara's gunshot will have a very valuable piece of Buffy there. That card will fetch a pretty penny if sold. I don't understand the weird comment either, doing this allows many fans to have a tiny piece of Buffy history which they normally couldn't afford by buying the entire outfit.
It's been done before, certainly, but, yes, it strikes me as a little weird too. If you buy an entire outfit or prop, at least you get something a little functional or decorative. IMO, this is more akin to bidding on the tissue that Johnny Depp sneezed into or strands of Kurt Cobain's hair . . . but, hey, ain't hurting anyone. And if I and CiV are alone in this reaction, that's fine too.
Nope, SNT, I'm with you, but when I got the piece of cloth in the card, I was ridiculously happy anyway. Go figure.
And it is decorative. You should see the shrine I built ar...... I mean, I um, have it very nicely displayed.

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