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August 22 2006

'Firefly: The Official Companion Vol. One' availability update. Titan Books have dropped another line to say that " now has the Firefly Companion, and is shipping it within 24 hours" and good news for UK fans as "the copies have arrived, and will start shipping from our UK distributor to bookshops (and next week".

So good news for those who don't live anywhere near a comic book shop.

Hurrah! This means we should get the companion before starfury's serenity cubed (damn more money for badgers!)
Amazon have dropped the price to 9.41 so if you've pre-ordered it, check what you're being charged. My order hadn't been updated and was still showing 11.21.

(And I second Becs' "Hurrah").
I haven't pre-ordered, but am still planning on getting this. Might as well place an order today, I guess. Thanks for the heads-up! :-)
Which mean, that I might receive it before my birthday, since I imported, and it takes a few weeks to arrive here in South America. It might even already be in its way down here.

Yippe. That's a great birthday present.
I see it displayed as "in stock" but my eta is still 2-3 weeks out. I suspect that will change.

I also note that the US Amazon price has risen $0.60 since I pre-ordered.
I ordered from Amazon US today. With the super saver shipping (AKA slow canoe from East Des Moines) it has an estimated ship date of 29 August, estimated delivery date of 5-7 September.
For comparison, I also ordered Veronica Mars Season 2 on DVD. It has an estimated ship date of 27 August, delivery 30 August - 1 September. Usually, when I order from Amazon, my DVDs and books come from different distribution warehouses, so the split order doesn't surprise me.
I figure I'll have both of them in hand before Labor Day weekend.
For some reason mine still says Delivery estimate: October 10, 2006 - October 12, 2006

(Although it does say "in stock")

Hopefully this will change soon. I notice too that the price went up .60.

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Being prepared for shipment. *dances like his head*
I just finished reading my copy this morning...damn, this is one of my best purchases ever.
My copy just shipped today from Amazon. Looking forward to putting a crease in the cover and sitting down for a good read.
Come on Amazon! Why are you letting me down like this??

What is the point to preordering it if they don't ship as soon as it is available? Would I get it sooner if I cancelled my order and ordered it again?
fray101, I ordered it on along with some other stuff maybe a week or two ago. Then I opened the product page recently and noticed they were charging slightly less for it than I had paid, about 9.41 as opposed to 11.21.

I know it wasn't a huge difference but the cheaper new price would have made the total of my order a more round sum, so I cancelled the book, then re-ordered it separately at 9.41, then combined the new order with the old one. However the price suddenly changed back to 11.21. Any ideas how to get it to be 9.41 as part of my total order? As I said it's not a huge deal but it seems strange that you get it cheaper by not pre-ordering it.

There is a site I use to buy videogames, and if you pre-order one, and the price goes up from the original price you paid, then you don't pay anything extra, just the original price. However if the price falls then they automatically charge you the lower price even if you ordered it when the price was higher. It would be smart for Amazon to do the same to encourage ore-orders.
I wish Amazon would do that Razor. Many times I have had to cancel pre-orders and reorder from scratch to get the better price. And they don't seem to let you combine it with the original order, you need to get everything again. (And the prices on other items in the order may have gone UP since then). It's just frustrating.
Yeah. Also, I happened to order a CD separately, and then combine it with my mega order. Then the expected dispatch date went back by a couple of weeks, when the CD says it should be dispatched within the next 24 hours, so I don't know why it would have affected when the rest of the order is delivered.

Also, my mega order has several CDs which may take between 5 and 6 weeks for them to dispatch, so if I were to cancel the whole order and re-order everything again, then it would be back to waiting another 6 weeks for those CDs to be dispatched, whereas at this point I have already been waiting at least two weeks. It's not worth it just to save a couple of quid.

However I can't fault Amazon, because I do think they generally do a good job. Even if I select Super Saver Delivery, which is free, the packages always seem to arrive very quickly, and sometimes if you order lots of stuff then they actually dispatch some of the items separately so you don't have to wait on everything, which is nice. It also has a better selection than many online stores. I like too, but for CDs, DVDs and books for example it doesn't have the same range.
BTW, they've shipped mine, so that's good. :-) Despite saying it wouldn't be shipping until October.

With Amazon you have to creatively structure your orders. As soon as you get enough in an order for super saver shipping, anything else should be a separate order. Also, never put more than one pre-order item in an order, so you'll get the order as soon as that item is available. LOL - it's an artform.

You know, their super saver was a brilliant idea - I am always buying more things I may not have gotten just to raise the amount enough to get free shipping :-X
Yeah. It kind of works either way for me. I know there are sites where you get free shipping, regardless of the item, and they have most of of the stuff you would want. Play for example has a good variety of CDs and DVDs. However it has quite a meagre selection of books so I go to Amazon for those. And usually I wait til I have the money for a few, enough to qualify for Super Saver Delivery. So I tend to wait and make big orders every so often.

Really, I don't know what the point in the other delivery options are. I can understand if you only wanted one specific item, or if you need something right away and need it guaranteed, but otherwise, anyone buying DVDs, books or CDs with any regularity and who doesn't mind waiting a couple of days, SSD is ideal.

Here's hoping the Firefly books will all start dispatching soon.

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