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August 22 2006

Big Serenity/Firefly Knowledge Test.

Question 4: "What does is the ship used for?"

I'm thinking this may not be the definitive knowledge test.
Woo hoo! 97%! I may have seen these shows once or twice... But I couldn't figure out how to find out what I missed. And it made me sign up to get my results.
I took the test, then was told I had to provide some information (in other words, some registration required) before getting my results, and then the gorram site kept blowing up during the registration. So I never found out how I did.
Got 96%. The only two I wasn't sure of were the number of cockpits on the ship and Mal's drink of choice. I think I'll take it again and change one.

Darkling - if you don't put anything in the nickname space, you can see your result without any further registration.
I managed a higher score than 99% of other people my age and gender (despite guessing a few). Seriously, what kind of dumb scoring system is that?
Meh. I scored a 94%, but I'm not too impressed by the quiz overall.
Also 27/27. A friend helped me with one question, though (Mals Drink).
27 here: "JOSS IS OUR MASTER!!! You did Brilliantly!!! I'm so impressed... if you'd like to chat about our shared love of Firefly and Serenity, please email me... And thanks heaps for taking the test... Much Appreciated!!! :)"
97% though I wouldn't exactly call it tough. Those who got 27 right, what did you put for Mal's drink ? Had to guess that one.

(there's only one cockpit, yes ?)
Yes, one cockpit. And his drink--he orders it in "The Train Job" bar--is Ng Ka Py.
I wonder how Joss did on the test...
Ah, cheers pat32082, I wonder what a Li Po is then. I probably had him drinking a wacky nephew (or possibly something even worse ;).
27/27, natch :)
I got 99%... don't know what I got wrong. Possibly Mal's drink... although I did say there were 3 cockpits (adding in the shuttles?)...
For the sake of knowledge, I looked it up.

Ng Ka Py is a Chinese wine. Li Po was a Chinese poet, seemingly famous not only for his poetry, but also his drinking habits. ;-)
:( My company internet blocked it as 'personals and dating'. But I'm gonna give myself a 100%. Cuz I can.
Damn it. I got 95%. What did I miss? The only thing I was thinking I missed was the line "If wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak"...who said that?
Then I got that right!

What 5% did I miss? *scratches head*
Huh. I got 27/27. But I had to guess most of the quotes. And I filled in vodka/orange.

Multiple choice, eh. This is why I got A's on my leaving cert.
93%. I am so ashamed.
I got 0/27 'cos it was more fun that way and I wasn't going to register to see my score anyway. If I had guessed correctly on Mal's drink, it would have been just that - a guess, by way of strategic elimination.
Hmm, i'm detecting a faint whiff of rat. How can people be getting all correct when they're putting different answers to the same question ? Strange things are afoot at the Circle K Firefly quiz site. Some kind of cookie issue ? Like maybe they're only half-baked or something ?

Therefore, I actually got 100 %. Stands to reason, QED etc. ;).
94%... I got Mal's drink wrong, but that doesn't explain the remaining 6%. Maybe I missed one of the Firefly quotes. I'm certain I got all the Serenity ones right, though...
Curses! Ninety-three percent here also, although "compared to others of my age and gender" I scored better than 99%. Piffle. My penance will be to repeatedly rewatch the movie until I memorize the lines I must have missed (although I did remember Mal's drink, go me!).
Umm... are people looking at the "You've got 27/27, by the way." thing? I think that's just there to tell you how many you've finished...

The quiz wasn't too great, but it did make me want to watch the show and film again.
I love it.

"Now on to some REALLY hard questions."

"What do Reavers do?"
Question 4: "What does is the ship used for?"

They belonged to the guy Mal smuggled cattle for in Shindig. Mal did such a good job the guy had him come back and smuggle out his female deer.
Wow. 27/27. I didn't expect that.

Edit- Oops. 95%

[ edited by hitnrun017 on 2006-08-22 22:46 ]
I particularly enjoyed the last question. THIS is a question that shows the person who wrote the test is a Joss' fan! ;)
Got them all correct, but the questions were ridiculously easy for someone who's watched all episodes and film at least 10 times each. They should have asked questions like: Who says "engine" the most times in the movie?
I got 94%, I wish they had told me which questions I got wrong, because it was a very easy test. I know for sure I got Mal's drink wrong, and I think I may have gotten the 'number of cockpits' wrong (er...did they mean pilot consols? Were they counting the shuttles separately?). Oh well, I always enjoy a lame quiz.
I'm a bit confused - said I had 27/27 and scored about 97%? I also had to guess on a couple of the quotes but most of it was pretty easy!
You answered all 27 questions. You scored 97% of those right.
Just like me. Wish I knew what I'd missed.
I was iffy on one of the quotes, so maybe that was it.
Umm... are people looking at the "You've got 27/27, by the way." thing? I think that's just there to tell you how many you've finished...

Ah, yes, I think I see what's happening. Folk are reading where it says how many questions have been answered and assuming that means how many questions have been answered correctly. To get your actual result just put in your gender and any date of birth before 1986 and it'll give you a percentage score (i.e. you don't have to register to get your result, you have to register to save your result).

ETA: Or what Lioness said. I'm confused now though because I went back and changed my answer to the drink question out of curiosity and still only get 97 %. Starting to wonder if the quiz has some of the answers wrong since i'm pretty sure about the quotes (Simon's control phrase is the one about Hens, right ?). Also starting to wonder if I have way too much time on my hands ;).

[ edited by Saje on 2006-08-22 23:04 ]

How can someone get 97% if I got 96? If there were 100 questions then that would be one extra correct answer but with only 27 questions then I assume 96 means one wrong and 100 would be none wrong. So 97%?

I guessed the drink (wrong).

I keep on meaning to do a Buffy quiz. My killer question will be to name all six actresses who've played Buffy. Anyone?
I scored 93%, then found a Buffy test and got 100%! Guess that shows how my obsessions rank as well! Now, off to find an Angel one.
So, I just did some testing. Apparently if you put 1 cockpit, you get 97%, 2 cockpits for 98%, 3 for 99% and 4 cockpits for 100%. Interesting math. I guess each choice has a degree of correctness. But 4 cockpits?
100% on the Buffy quiz. Good find JudyKay!
Maybe that's Serenity, the two shuttles and the mule? That's 4.
Found an Angel test but only scored 90%. Weird questions, though (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it). I liked the Buffy one better .
100% on Buffy and 85% on Angel. Angel had some wicked confusing questions.
Maybe that's Serenity, the two shuttles and the mule? That's 4.

And maybe it marks the quotes the same way so that you get more points the more words from the correct quote were in the one you chose ;). Or maybe it's just broken.

91 % (?) on the Buffy one but I did throw a question deliberately. Spike did NOT save the world at the end of season 7. It's my delusion and i'm keeping it ;).

90 % on the Angel one but i'd agree some of the questions were a bit strange (also reckon it was just harder all round).
zz9: Kristy Swanson, Eliza Dushku, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Giselle Loren (who does NOT sound like SMG. She knows how to say the lines in that "Buffy" way, but she is nowhere near SMG), Mimi Paley, and Alexandra Lee.

ETA: 95 on Angel. And that cockpit question is BS. Serenity only had *ONE* cockpit. Maybe two, if you say each console on the bridge is a cockpit. Maybe.

[ edited by pat32082 on 2006-08-23 00:23 ]
I don't understand my results in the buffy test:

The One True Slayer

77 Bites of Slayage

Damn. Not only have you died twice doing what you do, but no one understands your burden and you find yourself disturbingly attracted to vampires. You are the ultimate repository of what it takes to be the Slayer, and no one can tell you otherwise. If you don't own all seven seasons on DVD, it's cause they haven't been released in your country yet. I am in total awe of you, and maybe just the tiniest bit creeped out.

Is that a 100% or a 77%?
But I had the "One true slayer", and the description does not fit with a 77% (although the 77 bites seems to indicate this); this is as confusing as some questions on the angel's test...
77 bites is how many times Buffy's been bitten by Angel and Spike.
My killer question will be to name all six actresses who've played Buffy. Anyone?

Kristy Swanson, Eliza Dushku, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Giselle Loren (who does NOT sound like SMG. She knows how to say the lines in that "Buffy" way, but she is nowhere near SMG), Mimi Paley, and Alexandra Lee.

Wouldn't that make 7? What about the actress who played Buffy in The Girl in Question?
Well, that person was more like a stunt double. She wasn't really *playing* the part.
All these tests made me want to make one. Solve the cryptic clues below to get the titles of 10 Buffy episodes, then figure out what all have in common.

1. Gee, before the all night dance party?
2. Woody made it, too.
3. Sister Sledge was this.
4. Could be a fruit.
5. Blofeld, Jim Profit, and...Lilah.
6. Celebrated diarist.
7. A princess sleeping on a pea, perhaps?
8. Might be arch.
9. Psycho thief's daughter's starmaker.
10. No, don't tell me the clue.

[ edited by jaynelovesvera on 2006-08-23 01:59 ]
Hmmm, only 88 'bites' on the Buffy quiz. And there was me thinking 'that's easy!' on almost every question... ah well, guess I'll have to live with it ;-).
Succatash, I was also wondering about the Buffy in 'The Girl in Question', AND there was Buffy in bed with Angel and Spike in 'Soul Purpose' (I hadn't considered the games since I never played those and never considered them to be canon). Oh, yes, and very young Buffy, from 'The Weight of the World', shouldn't she count too?
The last two girls I listed as playing Buffy each played Young Buffy. One in Killed By Death, the other in Weight of the World.

ETA: I don't think there was actually a person in bed with Angel and Spike in "Soul Purpose." I think it was a dummy with a wig.

[ edited by pat32082 on 2006-08-23 01:53 ]
WOOHOO - 97% on the Firefly/Serenity test. Of course my boss thinks my victory jig is a little strange but I have converted the jig into bizarre filing cabinet drawer-opening action. I think I may have fooled her!
I thought Mal and Zoe both owned Serenity? Isn't that what we learnt from Out of Gas?
A technicality I guess...
From the quiz above.

Sorry, should have put my answers in spoilers.

[ edited by jerryst3161 on 2006-08-23 02:55 ]
No, it's Mal's ship exclusively, I believe. Where in Out of Gas did it say Zoe joint-owned Serenity?
The bit where Mal is showing Zoe the ship and persuading her that they should buy it...
I gathered from that that it was bought with money from both of them, but maybe it was just him asking her opinion.

[ edited by Slink on 2006-08-23 02:45 ]
I am so sad. I figured out jaynelovesvera's quiz. Let's see if I can remember how to do spoilers.

how'd I do?
He's definately persuading her to like it, but I always figured he'd already bought it. In fact, she says to him: "Honestly, sir? I think you got robbed." That tells me the purchase has been completed, and he was talking it up so she would join him aboard, as his first mate.

And Mal always refers to Serenity as his ship. Only once did Zoe do that, and that was in Serenity (the movie), when Mal tells her to come get him if he's not back soon. But in that sense, it's "hers" because he won't be aboard, and when he's not aboard, she's in charge of it.

[ edited by pat32082 on 2006-08-23 02:52 ]

[ edited by pat32082 on 2006-08-23 02:53 ]
True true. I remembered the other lines, but had forgotten the robbed line. That very much says it.
Hey, it's been like, more than a month since I watched the series! But getting anything wrong seems like a good excuse to go back to it real soon. After BSG methinks.
Perfect score... Oh yeah...
Just for you, Djungelurban......*Cue the Ferris Bueller music*
I'm surprised this only just got posted here... I've been a member there for a long time and there are lots of Whedonverse tests if you do a search.
XanFan32, don't be sad. Puzzles are meant to be solved. You only got 3 wrong: 1, 2, and 9. Congrats! Answers are lurking below:

[ edited by jaynelovesvera on 2006-08-23 03:40 ]
90%. But I have only watched all the episodes 3 times and the movie about 7. Not counting commentaries...

*shrugs nonchalantly*
I got 97% but I know that I answered them all what gives?
It was a fun test.
Putting in the 4 cockpits instead of 1, I got 100%. Silly tricky question! But I feel much better now, thank you.
97% - maybe I was meant to say two cockpits instead of one, because there are positions for pilot and co-pilot, but the definition of a cockpit is: "The space in the fuselage of a small airplane containing seats for the pilot, copilot, and sometimes passengers."

Hardly the definitive quiz, give us a real challenge next time!
I answered three cockpits, the main one in Serenity and the ones in each of the shuttles. What would be the fourth cockpit?
I could've sworn that at the Q&A Joss said that the sleeper phrase meant 'This is laughter for monkeys.'
The percentage figure is NOT your score. It is how well you did compared to others of your age and gender. So if you got 99% then you're in the top 1% of performers.
I got 93%, which I'm pretty happy about since I watched my first episode only a few months ago, and have seen each episode maybe 4 times, and the movie 3 times. Hey, give me a break ... I'm in a terribly stressful year at school. Firefly marathons begin the day of my last exam.

Oh yeah, and I said there was one cockpit.
The percentage figure is NOT your score

No, the percentage at the top IS your score. The percentage at the bottom tells you how well you did relative to everyone else.

For me (and it seems others) understanding the quiz has proved much harder than the quiz itself ;-).
I don't get it. only 92%. What did I do wrong? I was sure on ALL the quotes (I mean sure sure, no guessing involved at all). I knew the drink for sure and the russian phrase too. And the rest was easy-peasy anyway. So where gorramit are the missing 8%?


edit: off to the Buffy test now.

edit2: 80%. ARRRRRGHHHH! I had to guess at the actor quesions though. No problems with the actual show.

edit3: note to self: read the other postings in FULL before posting yourself. Just read the one directly above me. Seemingly I got a 100% in FF and 88% in Buffy, just in the relative score I was lower (How can that now be anyway? Either you got a perfect score or not or what. Annoyed now)

[ edited by Harpy on 2006-08-23 16:40 ]
94%. The cockpit question confused me though. There are two control panels on the bridge (most easily seen at the end of Serenity the movie), so does that mean there are two cockpits, or only one? Do those on the shuttles count?

Still, a nice, quick diversion so I can't complain.
So no one got Candice Nicole?

Played Young Buffy in Blood Ties.

So with Gisele (Who I forgot about) that makes seven.
Cute test. But what's up with the info-gathering bit?
Anyone else here but me go all stealthy with the info? I'm not trying to be getting more junk e-mail than I already do, so I'm hoping that if there is a "", they forgive me if they start getting spam or something.
I scored 99%. I said there were three cockpits, just because they specifically asked about the number of shuttles; however, from the comments above, it sounds as if the answer was supposed to be 4.

I got 94 on Buffy, but only 85 on Angel - I'm Gunn, apparently ;-). Looks like I need to watch AtS again!

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