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"Oh no. Is that dragon thing behind me?"
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August 22 2006

First Look At SMG In "The Air That I Breathe". Small picture of SMG from "The Air I Breathe" at Inferno Distribution website. Scroll down the page to see.

Thanks to Eleagold at SMGFAN

Looking great. Thanks.
She looks amazing! Thanks!
Shame it's not a larger or higher quality picture, but she does look good. It could be the quality, but she doesn't look as 'frail' as later Buffy, either. She looks she may have put a bit of meat back on her bones.
Agreed. Smokin' hot as usual. This and 'Southland Tales' are her two upcoming films i'm most interested in seeing. Along with all the others ;).
Picture caption:

"No one's looking...maybe I could snatch that bag the skanky whore left there on the one's looking. Whaddaya mean no one's looking? I'm smoking HOT!...Oh, Wills didn't mention Xander was working at a gay bar for guys. Cool."
Hmm ... what picture? This page doesn't seem to have a scroll bar.
zoinkers, the link apparently isn't to the permanent link of SMG sitting at a bar.
The website seems to have removed the pic. The whole page has changed since this morning.

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