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August 23 2006

(SPOILER) Ausiello announces some news for Summer Glau and Rebecca Rand Kishner. Summer's joined 'The Unit'. There's also spoilers for Bones, How I Met Your Mother, 24 and Veronica Mars. In related news, TV Guide has also confirmed USA's renewal for the fourth 13-episode season of The 4400.

For the people who wants to stay clear of any possible spoilers for other shows, the big announcements are as follow.

The Unit producers are hiring Summer Glau to be part of the new season, and Rebecca is the only writer / producer from Gilmore Girls, remaining from the show running shift from last season to the new one.

The ironic part is that The Unit was supposed to be Amy Acker's show, back last season, then they changed some things from the show, and she left and ended up being a big part of Alias final season. While it was a subpar season compared to the earlier series, she did end up with a great part. And I'm loving how Summer's role in The 4400 got bigger; hopefully she'll survive the finale.

The new season of Gilmore Girls will definitely still feature Danny Strong, so that's at least 2 big connections to the whedonverse in what's supposed to be the last season of the show.

For some reason I thought the Unit had been cancelled. Good for Summer Glau getting the job. And for Rebecca too, she's a highly underrated writer.
This is great for Summer...

Numfar... do you know something I don't, is Summer appearing in the 4400 finale? I must've missed that news...

edit - found it! Yay, I'm so excited for her, and proud of her. She's done so well for herself.

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Thanks for the edits Simon.
Bare in mind that it was 5am, when I was posting that (read the column while was having my breakfast), just before I was about to leave for work.
And I just got to excited about the news on Summer, Rebecca and the renewal of 4400, to not post it right away.

Yes, Summer does play a big role in this season's finale. It's in the spoilers and she can be spotted in the promo. Which isn't surprising if you've seen how part 1 of the finale ended last sunday.
It's great that Summer is getting work, she's a fantastic actress!
Question: Did you notice that Buffy's and Scrubs' musicals are both the sixth episode of the sixth season? — Scott

Ausiello: I didn't, but that's wild! I hope that means Scrubs' will be just as good.

That's awesome. Has got to be a tribute to OMWF.

I love Scrubs!
Yes, more Summer on our screens, this is always a good thing. I decided not to watch The Unit after Amy left (I'm still hoping we'll see Amy return in a starring role somewhere), but I guess I'll give it another shot now.
The more Summer on our screens the better.
AA has another 'verse connection: one of the posters is Mia, of Goners fame.
I would assume it's more of a coincidence myself (the Scrubs musical thing). Plus, I always think of OMWF as 6x07 anyway.

I can't wait for Scrubs to start up again. Argh, having to wait until January. The musical number at the end of 2x13 "My Philosophy" always gets me. But then I'm a huge sucker for ensemble musical numbers. See, e.g., "Walk Through the Fire", "One More Day", "Ever After".
I love Scrubs too. I'm having so much fun with my Scrubs DVDs.
Watching the extras, made me wish Bill Lawrence would be friends with Joss Whedon, so he'd start hiring Joss' actors (friend actors) to appear on Scrubs.
Since most of the guest casting in the show, are either friends of the cast and crew or some actor they're really big fans of.

Isn't Amy in the middle of her second pregnancy, right now?
I think having Patty Hearst as almost Patty Hearst on VM is great. Laura San Giacomo could be good, too. I am getting even more happy about the coming season.
And I think Alyson Hannigan as Lily dating George Clinton is definitely worthy watching. :-)
More Summer and 4400 being renewed make me a happy camper.
As much as I love Summer there is no way I will be able to watch the Unit. It is in the same timeslot as Standoff and Veronica Mars. AAAARRGGGHHHH.
The unit is an absolutely wonderful show!
Glad she's joining
JustNick is right! "The Unit" is great... Fantastic/Dynamic characters and compelling stories about the men on their missions and their families back home... I am so happy that Sumer is joining the cast! :)
And for Rebecca too, she's a highly underrated writer.

I don't agree with ya on that one, old fruity. Although her flippy airy fairy style probably suits Gilmore Girls, her Buffy episodes are generally my least favorite - with the exception of Listening to Fear which was pretty cool. Touched is probably one of the worst episodes of Buffy ever in my opinionated opinion. :)
jaynelovesvera: "AA has another 'verse connection: one of the posters is Mia, of Goners fame."

"Question: People who don't love your column must be crazy or incredibly stupid. Mia"

Wow. Mia is a lot more, er, um, toadying than I'd pictured her. Maybe Goners is really about some crazed BNF ("Big Named Fan" -- I learned it on WHEDONesque: The BLOG) who runs amok in her crazed fandom until her soul or selfhood is ("literally") gone -- The Fan Redux.

Talk about horrific.
Summer is up against Gina, that sucks!
Order your TIVO's and PVR's now.
But then again that doesn't really help in the ratings game.

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I am a big fan of both Rebecca Rand Kirschner and Gilmore Girls so I'm very glad to see that she will be continuing as a writer there. I can't agree with you on Touched, Mort, it's one of my favourite episodes, as are Tabula Rosa, Hell's Bells and Help, all written by RRK. Her other episodes are not too shabby either ;-).

I'm glad to see Summer added to The Unit, although I didn't make a point of watching it after Amy was cut out.

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