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August 23 2006

The Our Time Emmys. Firefly gets nominated for "Outstanding Sci-Fi Series" in's alternative Emmy Awards.

Ah, how to decide between my love for Firefly and my nostalgic joy on behalf of Quantum Leap...

Firely takes it, by a Joss...
/agree :) "Sam, Ziggy says Joss is his Master now!"
: )

Now that made me laugh...
I have more than my share of Quantum Leap nostalgia :)
I've been re-watching it... and unlike other shows of my childhood it's held up remarkably well... The occasional moment of sentimentality that grates slightly, but from the middle of season two on, it becomes something worth remembering.
Speaking of QL, they show it on Universal's HD channel now, and it looks very good. Better than the DVDs, which I stopped buying because they replaced the music.
We were lucky in the UK... most of the Region 2 DVDs have the music intact...
Yeah, I heard every season except 4 has all the music. It's just annoying, because for a show that relies on its depiction of different eras, the music, and it's great music, is really an integral part of that.

And it's really noticeable on an ep like the one in S2, where Sam is a DJ at a rock station in the 50s.
That sucks, the music was always a high point of QL for me. Intrigued to hear that it holds up, may have to look into re-watching it.
Oh no they didn't! X-Files is beating us 53-42! Yesterday we were at 70! Come on people, we can lose to no stinkin' FBI goons. Get votin'!

While you're at it, vote for Katie Sackhoff for Actress and Eddie Olmos for actor--that is, unless you're into the whole Patrick Stewart thing.

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