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August 23 2006

iFMagazine interviews Badger. Nice interview with Mark Sheppard about his creepifying roles on Medium, 24, and some other show I can't recall.

Great link to an interesting interview, Chris Bridges! I didn't know Mark Sheppard's dad is an actor, too -- who did he play on American Gothic, I wonder? (More 'Verse links -- Sarah "Dr. Caron" Paulson was in American Gothic, heh.)
My favorite Badger scene, will always be that exchange between him and River during "Shindig". Always makes me laugh out loud.
Wonderful interview. It would be fascinating to see Badger as a Cylon!
On a personal note, I just have to say, I LOVE MARK SHEPPARD!!! In a purely platonic, omg he is an awesome person, human being, and brilliant man type way. Joss may be my Master but Mark is my savior.

That is all I have to say on that.

Thank you and good-day. :)
He is just the nicest, down-to-earthest bloke you could hope to meet.
Can't wait to see him again at the Serenity con.

'I DONT LOVE MARK SHEPPARD!' but I am slightly fond of him ;). Great interview. He really comes across as sensible and self-deprecating and with some considered points about his work. Nice one, Mark.

(and i'll chime in my agreement on the Cylon idea, he would rock, hard)
Dare I ask, how hard?
He would rock it like a hurricane!
But one of those hard hurricanes, made out of, like, concrete or diamonds or something.
Mark Sheppard was at the BE Blowout in Burbank this past weekend. Since the convention had a Roswell/Smallville/Veronica Mars focus, lots of folks didn't know who he was. By the end of the weekend, though, he was a crowd favorite. He sat in the lobby, chatting with guests, charming everyone. A dinner with Mark was auctioned for charity and went for $2100.00.

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