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August 23 2006

City of Angel. Short post on choosing a LA neighborhood to live in based on its depiction on Angel.

The season five scene where Connor beats up a demon in a parking lot in front of his faux parents was shot at a Days Inn around the corner from my then apartment in the dead space between Hollywood and Los Feliz. I think there are actual demons trolling that neighborhood at night, so I thought it realistic that Connor would run into trouble there.
A very helpful guide. If I ever move to Los Angeles, I definitely want to know where the demons and vamps are! ;-)
Our offices in downtown L.A. look out on the alley behind the Orpheum, the theatre where they shot the Angel ep "Waiting in the Wings."

I have a cigarette or two down in that alley daily, but I hardly ever get undressed by my secret turn-of-the-century lover back there.

(ET: correct typos -- after gently snarking about a journalist's grammar error on another thread, I've had to edit three posts today for typos -- instant karma.

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I live right down the street from the diner that Doyle posed as when answering the phone (House of Pies) and the intersection where Nina ran a red light (Franklin and Western) Yes, I did rewatch all of Angel after I moved to LA to see how any references I'd get.
Well I'm from Culver City, and that's where the Wolfram and Hart offices are, so maybe you guys shouldn't come here.
I love stuff like this, excellent find!
Nina ran a red light at Franklin and Western? Man, I sure am glad I moved out of THAT neighborhood. There's bad mojo all around there. Someone was also killed in an alley not far from my old hood on some episode or other. Keep those doors locked, Lady Brick. Hope the demon that's-a-comin' isn't of the tear-off-doors variety. Oh, and you're kind of near Cordy's place, too. A ghost I wouldn't mind so much...

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