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August 24 2006

E! Online names Buffy in Top Emmy Snubs. E! Online's "Weekly 6" feature spotlights Top 6 best shows Emmy never gave the big prize to in Best Drama or Comedy catagories. Buffy makes #4. Video Link.

I can't be bothered to download that plugin, but good on Buffy, and E! Online for taking notice.
Yes, really good to see Buffy get the nod...and very enjoyable to see the clips, both from the show itself and several cast comments, including a very young Sarah and Alyson. Nice catch, Charmuse!

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For those who don't want to watch the video...

#6 Roseanne
#5 Twin Peaks
#4 Buffy
#3 Gilmore Girls
#2 Freaks and Geeks
#1 Scrubs
Alyson and Sarah did look young. I had never seen those interviews before, so that was quite a treat.

Gilmore Girls should have been number one.
To quote a popular Sunnydale phrase, "duh."
Nice little video.
The interviews were done during the filming of "Fear Itself", judging by the outfits.
That's right Buffy did put the WB on the map.
And cancelling Angel took it off. Heh.

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