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August 25 2006

Angel's Penn to star as zombie fighter in 28 Days Later sequel. Jeremy Renner, who played Penn in "Sonambulist" from season 1, will star in 28 Weeks Later, produced, but not directed by, Danny Boyle. says he "guested on a few episodes of "Angel." Penn was dusted by Kate...I don't recall him in any other episodes...was he in a flashback that escapes my memory?

Damn, I need to go back and re-watch Season 1 of Angel...
Sequel to 28 Days Later = badness. I love that movie, I hate to see this happen to it!
I totally agree with you Ginny.
CiV FWIW IMDB shows him only in the one episode.
"...will star as the hero Sgt. Doyle"

A nice little bit of irony.

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