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July 23 2002

BVTS Gaming has two pages of screenshots from the upcoming BtVS XBox game, the storyline of which is "an actual lost episode from season three."

(Especially for prol, here's a screenshot of Giles.)

Does anyone know why the new BtVS game - originally planned for the Playstation 2 console - wound up on Xbox?
What better place to fight evil than on a Microsoft machine...
If a game isn't designed to play on a standard PC, it doesn't exist in my reality. I'm a purist. 8*) Besides by the look of the screenshots it appears to be Tomb Raider dressed in Buffy's inexpensive yet fashionable shoes. The game doesn't appear to have funnies & puzzles in it like the tv show. It's just hack & slash & BtVS is very NOT that.
The Insult Swordfighting of Monkey Island 1 (classic point-n-click adventure) springs to that was a fun game.
/me mourns the demise of 2-D adventure games.

That doesn't look like Giles much.

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