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August 24 2006

[Aus] Buffy and Angel DVD sets with backpacks. EzyDVD (Australia) is selling complete sets of Buffy and Angel DVDs that come in a Buffy or Angel backpack. Buffy: AU$249.83, Angel AU$184.83. Pretty spiffy.

Very spiffy.
Australia has all the fun...
Wow, I'll be the coolest kid in school carrying around one of those bags.
Would this be the same Joss-non-approved wide-screen versions that Region 2 (UK) got? (*whispers* Because I want those...)
Pink mesh backpacks? ;-)
Oh yay! I've been saving my money for a complete Angel set ... but does that mean I would have to get the Angel backback, not the Buffy one? Because I'd want a Buffy one more. Damn!

Excellent, and thanks for the tip!
I think the question is why?
Why not? They're been doing this for a few series. I'm guessing to clear older stock, or just to, you know, have a sale and give the fans a bargain. Maybe attract people with large disposable incomes.

I have been meaning to get the Chosen Collection to finish off my DVDs (still haven't got Season 7 or Season 2 part 1 for some strange reason), and sell the rest to people. I... think this might be the better value. The Angel one definitely is. I like the look of the box, but these sorts of DVD's go well with my X-Files, Arrested Development, Beast Wars and DCAU DVDs.
I'm also mighty tempted. As much as I would love the Chosen Collection... backpacks are cool. I already have the amaray sets (well, sort of - technically they belong to my partner... I'd kind of like to have my own set though) so ... well it's quite the dilemma!
The Angel one is dark and broody, while the Buffy one is lighter and more optimistic (so not very Season Six-y.) The Buffy color is just not practical for the slayage -- it would show both blood and vamp-dust.

(billz: "Pink mesh backpacks?"
QG: *Krabappel-like hah*)
"Due to size constraints on international shipping, we are regrettably unable to fulfill overseas orders for this item."

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