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August 25 2006

Nathan Fillion's 'Outing Riley' Gets Distribution. Nathan plays the older brother of a closeted gay guy having trouble coming out to his family in this comedy from Project Greenlight winner Pete Jones. The DVD is getting released by LGBT distributor Wolfe.

Unfortunately, the piece does not mention Nathan by name, but good news about the film. He does have a prominent part, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. No indication of a release date yet.

Nathan Fillion outs Riley. I knew there was something going on in Buffy season 4. I just couldn't put my finger on it.
I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I'm sure James Gunn would have a comment here, based on what he's been writing about Nathan on his blog. ;-)
Heh. What is Project Greenlight? It never made its way over here to the UK.
Reality show where people compete to have their movie made.
The competition part over, the series then followed the winning writer and director during the actual pre-production, filming, and post-production of the film.

The final Project Greenlight, featuring winning director John Gulager's tribulations trying to overcome his own feelings of inadequacy, while battling a duplicitous casting director and budget cuts to make his comedy/horror film Feast, is one of the most riveting, fascinating things I've ever seen.
When did Nathan make this? I don't understand when he has the time. And speaking of Nathan, he was recently home in Edmonton and joined his old improv company, Die Nasty, for some plays at the Fringe Festival. Just a couple of nights, I understand.
According to IMDb it was made in 2004. I'm glad we will get a chance to see this. A little more of Nathan is a good thing!!
jaynelovesvera, I totally agree with you about that last Project Greenlight. It really made me understand how unbelievably hard it is to make any film, even one that costs relatively nothing, and how it can just grind your spirit down when you want to keep your artistic vision alive and everyone else is saying "But I'm smarter/more powerful/richer/prettier than you, so what I say, goes!" Certainly what Joss must have felt when Fox looked at Firefly and said, "We have a better idea! Let's not show the pilot!" :-(
Oh, shiny news! I distinctly remember Nathan's character being described as 'pervy'. I live in hope. ;-)
Gah! I miss Project Greenlight so much - that beats hands down most of Reality TV currently shown. I loved the Gulager season; as far as I know Feast has not yet been released. And I hope for Nathan's sake that Pete Jones has stepped up his game because I didn't like his film from PG much.
"Nathan Fillion outs Riley."

This also really struck me. It seemed like Nathan Fillion would keep his material (or sour grapes ;-) )fresher than outing a character from, how many years ago? Times like this are among the rare monments I truly relate to Willow. ("Why would anyone kiss ro...? Oh never mind.")

I also was fasinated by the last season of Project Greenlight. It was the only one I saw. I am not sure why it did not do better in the ratings. One thought I had was that movies and theater are like sausage, they are things that no one should watch being made if they want to keep enjoying the finished product in the same way they did before.
Hee! My dog is named Riley. In my weird non-earth logic, this means I am only two degrees of separation from Nathan. Yay!
Outing Riley would've made a very interesting storyline for season four - my the fan-fiction commence!!!
Just thought I'd add that....I hear he has a butt shot in yeah "pervy" maybe
Tonya J, Feast got caught up in the turmoil surrounding the Weinsteins losing Miramax. Currently it's scheduled to open in midnight showings in select theaters Sept. 22, then go to DVD fairly quickly.
I hear he has a butt shot in it

Did anyone see Gina's butt shot from The Shield? Gotta say, she wins, hands (or cheeks) down (or up).
Before I took a moment to give the headline a good long glance, I somehow forgot who Nathan Fillion was and assumed it was referring to Marc Blucas.

I thought for a moment this was a link to some odd deconstruction of Riley Finn's character with input from the actor himself.
I hear he has a butt shot in it

Does he advertise in some movie business magazine? "Need a butt shot? Call Nathan! I even have a tattoo!" ;-)
Currently it's scheduled to open in midnight showings in select theaters Sept. 22, then go to DVD fairly quickly.

God. Finally! Thanks, jaynelovesvera.
This is wonderful news! I remember when I first found out that he had a role in this film, I looked everywhere online to see if it was available. Nice to know that it hasn't been forgotten about ;) I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it!
So, yeah...Riley's gay?

And Ben is Glory?
Wait, Glory is gay? ;-)
It's funny because, you see, there was a character on Buffy named Riley, and now THIS movie is called "Outing Riley" so it's like Riley (from Buffy) is gay! Get it?



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