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"She-Hulk has the fakest boobs I ever saw."
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August 25 2006

'Big Damn Hero', a new officially licensed Firefly t-shirt, is available from StylinOnline. Latest design features Mal and his big darn gun. Extra: 2 more new Firefly shirts, featuring Jayne and a straightforward 'Firefly' logo design.

James of Stylin' says "As long as I can keep selling the minimum quantities the manufacturer demands I buy, I’ll always do what I can to keep getting new designs made." All we need to do is keep them flying out the door. On a related note, Stylin' will be at DragonCon this Labor Day weekend. "We’ll bring all of our Joss related stuff in addition to just about everything else," he reports.

Gotta' say, don't like it. Gun's too damn big. And Mal's got his more boyish, peaceful face on.
Nice find, will :) Now go listen to ¿What some more ;)
Meh, not as awesome as "Let's Be Bad Guys", but still pretty cool.
"Now go listen to ¿What some more ;)" I've been netflixing Parkey Posey movies like crazy lately for *some* reason! Even Blade3!

Yeah I think the gun is too prominant on this shirt, too, but I'm just glad that they're continuing to make them. And notice that they have a Firefly logo, not a Serenity logo - meaning their license includes the show. Good sign for more to come.
I like it. I don't wear shirts like that, but it's cool.
I want t-shirts with The Operative on it and his cool dialogue too.
Umm, that is quite the, er, um, *cough, cough* gun, if that's the word I'm looking for.
I'm definitely not a fan. He looks too... clean I think.
will - Its Pretty Woman meets Clockwork Orange...

QuoterGal - The word you were looking for was p-e-n-i-s, but we appreciate that you were striving to maintain some semblance of propriety.
Mal's got a big damn penis, er...I mean, a gun. Yeah, that's the word I meant to say...gun.
Boy, James Gunn posts here and our language all goes to hell.
I blame him, too. And for that, I think Mr. Gunn should be punished. And I think if we all put our heads together, we could think of a way to do it -- involving diamonds.

Quit looking at me like that.
Quoter Gal, whaddaya doing for dinner later tonight?
Either being very afraid, or complimented, or both. But androids like me don't hardly ever eat, malformed. :>

Actually, I'll be down in Anaheim at WorldCon listening to some of my favourite writers hold forth on writing & working in the Whedon 'verse & other such groovy stuff.

Hopefully, no punishing involved, although Marti Noxon is among them...
Consider yourself complimented. I like the way your mind works (which may make you afraid). I'm off for the coast of Maine to visit an old friend and mentor and hopefully get my final teaching certification. WorldCon sounds waaaaaay more fun, in a no responsibilities/pressure kind of way.

How curious that you're an android. I really don't know what to make of that.

See you in the world,or a week

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