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August 25 2006

Sam Loeb Scholarship Fund receives $72,000 from Wizard World Auction. Earlier this month Jeph Loeb was in Chicago to auction off the original artwork from the Superman/Batman #26 comic to raise money for Sam's Fund. Jeph sent a letter to Wizard to post thanking everyone for their support and help.

Holy crap...that's incredible.
Thanks for posting this. I just got my copy of Superman/Batman #26 and wondered how the scholarship fund was going. This is wonderful news.
Well done, fandom! :-)
I met Jeph at the show--he was conveniently sitting next to John Casaday--he signed my sketch book by drawing a Batman and Superman symbol and wrote, "Writers should not draw!" and he was as nice as could be.

My heart goes out to the Loeb family for their profound loss.
I was at the auction. It was my first time attending such an event, and I have to say, it was so much fun. Jeph and Erica were a joy to watch, and I'm so glad they achieved nearly four times their original goal.

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