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August 25 2006

Browncoat Ball Posters. Beautiful posters (and T-Shirt) for this year's Browncoat Ball in San Francisco. Seriously, these are fabulous (said with all the panache I can muster). Edited to change Link Original Link

Edited to change link to Browncoat Ball.

Original Link

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This artistís eye for color and feel brings the vision of the Browncoat Ball to this poster. It is simply beautiful.
Oh lord, for a full minute I thought the headline said "Browncoat Ball Busters"...I thought I'd have to buy them, even though I don't know what they are!

But posters. Ok.
Those are fantastic.
Beautiful! I am definitly getting something.
Adam, where's my girl shirt? don't make me hurt you! >:(

(gorgeous work once again.)
Thanks miyu! And please don't hurt me! I'll get right on it!
miyu, your girl shirts are ready and up on the site (along with some other products) ... am I forgiven? :)
That really is a beautiful illustration! :-)
Wow, I typically don't click on W-esque links about cons/events/shindigs, etc., because while cool, there just not so much my thing. I think i was distracted and accidentally clicked on this, and ... WOW. The posters are absolutely gorgeous. They look vintage and yet Serenity-future-y and would be completely at home in both a fangirl dorm room, and the most stylish of grown-up, art-filled homes. As a lover of fine paper and inspired graphic design, I say: Fantastic. Congratulations on a simply beautiful poster; hope your event is as wonderful as the artwork that announces it. Well done.
(ETA: In a matte finish, this could be 50+ years old... well, if you ignore the date. :) Just love it.)

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Wow, that's a really great compliment! I'm really touched!

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