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August 25 2006

David Boreanaz on Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show Tonight on CBS. So feel free to post here anything interesting he might have to say. And hat-tip to Karolina for the prompt.

Hee. Knowing him, I'm sure it will be interesting, with lots of lovely quotable sound bites of wackiness.
Darn it! I was at work already and couldn't tape it.

I wish networks would make their chat shows available for streaming once they've aired. Maybe for 24 hours then poof, they're gone? It's not like they're salable later. And the only repeats they do are during host vacations. I've missed so many 'Verse appearances because of working at night...
I love David's energy. He & Craig played well off of each other.
His Jaden stories are always fun to hear. The clip of "Bones" was a nice combo of action, and the humor and chemistry of Booth and Tempe. Nice to hear that Ferguson enjoys watching 'Bones" too. I can't wait for the new season to start on August 30th. Always nice to see that charismatic Boreanaz smile.
Cabri, there's a late night TV webpage that lists all the guests for at least a week ahead of time. I check that at the first of each week. David's appearance last night was mostly high energy chatter, which I enjoyed. And no references to chicken-fear, thank TPTB! I, too, am anxiously awaiting the season premiere of Bones and the DVD's coming out in November, though I'm very disappointed with the fact that they are crowding all 22 episodes onto 4 discs. It seems like a slap in the face to the show and its fans. Maybe I'm too sensitive.
I love double sided discs. They just seem cooler and futuristic.
Crammed discs are like gifts from above to netflix users. Trust me on this one.
I am bummed. I set this show on TIVO. I went to watch it and it had only recorded 18 minutes. All I got was Craig's opening and tons of inane commercials....what is up with that?
Me too Charmuse. I also got to see a bunch of golf hilights crammed after all of those commercials, and no interview. Pout.
David looks fabulous and is such a sweet Daddy. You have to love this guy.

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