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August 25 2006

Inara visits SG-1. For those of you on the west coast, be sure to catch Morena Baccarin on Stargate SG-1 tonight.

East Coasters still can, too - SciFi repeats it at, uh, 11pm, I believe. (They show Stargate, Dr. Who, Stargate, rinse and repeat...)

Have to say, it rocked.
I managed to catch it the first time. Very cool, a great job by Morena, although the colored contacts were just plain freaky. I couldn't stop staring at her eyes.
How cool is it to have Morena on TV tonight, Summer on Sunday night and David on Wednesday night? Am I missing someone?
her eyes were a bit odd.
I am so freakin' pi**ed off! I can't watch it because my satellite service (DirecTV) isn't working because it's raining!! And lately, once it goes out for the night it doesn't come back so no chance me catching it later either!
Saw it. She rocked it. Loved her whole look.
She loves her mommy.
I'm guilty of not following this series at all; however, thought Morena made a splendid (misunderstood?) villain. She reminded me, sort of, of what Paul Atreides might have been if he'd turned out to be the female Quisatz Haderach.
Tonya J, it was the eyes, wasn't it? Nice reference though.
Wow - I have read many posts here over the years and I can't remember the last time someone referenced Dune...and such a wonderful reference too!

I don't get many TV stations(I do not have cable) so I did not get to see Morena. I don't watch Stargate but I would have watched this episode because of her. Also she was scheduled for an east coast appearance at the Super Mega Show but canceled. I was very dissappointed since she was the only reason I was planning to attend. I was really looking forward to seeing her. The verse people come to the east coast so rarely..Oh well.
Morena kicked arse - and more than that, she looked hot! She made Darth Vader look like a cripple wearing a portable respirator.

Really looking forward to watching this episode. I've never watched SG1 previously, but I've been watching this season since Morena was cast.
They said during the show that it would be available at iTunes today. I've not done that, but this would be a good reason.
Argh. I missed it. I saw that SG1 was on last night, but did not realize that MB was in it. Blast.
I really enjoyed Morena's character, a very subtle form of completely bat-shit insane (the eyes were a great touch), is she returning next week? I'm not a big fan of SG-1, I tried to get into it when Claudia Black and Ben Browder joined, but Morena does make it irresistable.
I believe she's a reoccuring guest..
I wanna know how that neck extension thing felt! I did like her subtle creepiness, that which comes when beauty combines with max power and naivete'....uh, good thing my ex doesn't read this!

Anyway, great job, Morena, it's good you're on board to bring the series home.
Tonya J, it was the eyes, wasn't it? Nice reference though.
TamaraC | August 26, 09:51 CET

Wow - I have read many posts here over the years and I can't remember the last time someone referenced Dune...and such a wonderful reference too!
Passion | August 26, 13:23 CET

Thanks, guys. I should have included Paul's sister Alia in that reference, especially with the accelerated growth factor. Here's what I like about Morena; an actress who could easily lay back on the laurels of her stunning beauty, but she doesn't. There were no shades of Inara anywhere in that performance.
To those that missed it: it's available on iTunes if you're willing to fork over couple of bucks.
Wish I could get it off of iTunes Delirium, but I have dial-up so that doesn't do me any good!
Why is Mischa Barton famous and Morena Baccarin not? If TPTB have some sort of quota on famous MBs, Mischa Barton should have a seat, or at least Michael Bolton.
Flirefly Flanatic - You are not alone in the dial-up blues. Someday I'll get real and switch to cable but there is only so much room in my budget - and I have to buy the Sideshow Lorne ;)

jaynelovesvera - Agreed.. and add to it Nathan Fillion - I don't get how Mathew McConaty (I don't know how to speel his name) gets so many movie parts when Nathan is so great!
Passion, I see your Nathan and I raise you an Alexis.

The only SG-1 episode I've seen is the Groundhog's Day episode which was really good. I don't get SciFi so I missed Morena.
I use to watch Stargate all the time, but I've lost interest and haven't seen much of the last couple seasons. For some reason I felt the need to tune in Friday night... I must have some sort of Whedon-related sixth sense!

A little off-topic (but someone brought up Nathan, so why not?), but I caught a few minutes of 'Blast from the Past' on TV today. Nathan's character is an ass, but I'm just happy to see him on TV!

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