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August 26 2006

Jane Espenson blogs from WorldCon in Anaheim, CA about the Hugos, and spec scripts, including a Steve De Knight script for the Buffy/Angel 'verse.She touches on her upcoming Whedon-related & other panels, spec scripts, Steve De Knight, other cool spec scripts, and, of course, her lunch.

As noted earlier on WHEDONesque, Jane, Tim Minear and Marti Noxon are appearing on a number of panels, many of them about the Whedon-'verse. There are numerous other panels, appearances and discussions with WHEDONesque family & friends, a schedule of which has been posted at

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The old "Never send a spec script to that actual show" rule was because the producers don't want to read it in case they do something similar and get sued and because it's much harder to impress people with a spec of a show that they themselves know inside out. So sending a Buffy spec to Angel sounds a bit too close since many of the people have worked on both shows.

But it worked so....

This must also be the only Whedonesque thread with "seared ahi tuna salad" as a tag.

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Oh, I would have *loved* to see Xander with slayer strength. That would have really been a nice character arc for him. It would have been interesting for it to last several episodes.

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