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August 26 2006

And this year's Buffy goes to Battlestar Galactica. The sci-fi show wins Salon's annual TV award for the "most underappreciated show in all of TV land". The Buffy, of course, is "named after a little vampire thriller that staked a claim on our hearts".

Cheers to Karolina for the heads up.

Well deserved! And I'm sure Joss himself approves.
Underappreciated? BSG is almost uniformly lauded as the best genre show around...
BSG is almost uniformly lauded as the best genre show around...

Yes, but it's not exactly Lost in terms of popularity.
Is anything on SciFi?

Emmy wise, I bet.
I dont know, winning an Emmy doesnt scream respect to me. Isnt that like the Simpson episode where Homer talks about a grammy and says in regards to the singing quartet "now all we needed was the approval of record company low-lifes". I dont think BSG (or Buffy for that matter) needs the approval of Television Industry low-lifes to be considered great.
The fans might think so but I bet the writers, crew and cast would love to win an Emmy for their show.
Oh I agree Simon. I just dont think appreciation means being nomimated for an emmy. I need no other proof than Jethro Tull winning the first grammy ever for metal, to know that award shows arent based around what is good on TV, in movies, or music. In other words, winning or being nominated for an emmy doesnt mean that you are appreciated, and I think the converse of that is true as well.
I bet the writers, crew and cast would love to win an Emmy

Me too, if her last name was Caulfield.
No surprise here. Ron Moore has really done a fine job with BSG. 'Downloaded' was brilliant as was 'Lay Down Your Burdens'.

I'm still PO'ed that Joss didn't get the musical award for 'OMWF'. That was a crime! I know, deep breathes....
Buffy, The Wire and BSG share the distinction of being underawarded by Emmy voters and underappreciated by Nielsen viewers, the rest of us appreciate them, a lot.
Great pick....was OMWF nominated for an Emmy? I feel very embaressed that I don't know this. Please don't boot me off of Whedonesque.
was OMWF nominated for an Emmy?

No. This was due to a Emmy cockup. In fact, Whedonesque's first entry was about this matter.

Bloody brilliant.
Simon, it doesn't link to a story. What happened? His name was just accidentally left off? Bummer.

[ edited by Harmalicious on 2006-08-27 19:59 ]
The Zap2it article does load (eventually). Basically Joss' name got left off the ballot paper due to a human error.
Darn. I started reading the article but I got spoiled for season 2.5 which supposedly will be released on DVD in a few weeks. I know it's been broadcast already so it wasn't a spoiler but someone was referred to in the article as "late" so now I know that character gets killed in 2.5. No biggie. It's a death I was hoping for. I've been watching and rewatching the miniseries thru 2.0 over the last couple weeks and wading through all the glorious subtext. I haven't been into a show this much since Buffy was on the air. Many thanks to palehorse who got me hooked awhile back! If you haven't checked it out, you are sooooo missing out on the third best series ever (after Buffy/Angel and Firefly, of course).

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