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August 26 2006

'Brothers and Sisters' creator comments on Marti Noxon's departure in this Chicago Tribune feature on the show. "I think she's hugely talented, and I love her writing and I love her voice. But we came from different approaches and they clashed again and again".

I guess it must have been Marti's insistence that the characters kept biting each other, or that episode where everyone started singing, or trying to give every character a supernatural edge. ;)

Seriously, though, I think this show sounds interesting. It could honestly be a case of creative differences rather than egos clashing. Certainly they don't see to be fiercely critical of Marti, so the decision for her to leave must have been fairly amicable. Good luck to her with whatever projects she works on in the future.
I don't know, this playwriter guy sounds awfully confident and futurey for someone whose first TV show not only hasn't debuted yet, but hasn't even had its "real" pilot shown to the press.
Anybody get the feeling maybe Marti should be on a staff just writing, instead of running a show? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just looking at her history since leaving Joss' nest, and maybe showrunning just isn't her thing.
You could say that about practically any show runner. She's been involved in three shows after Buffy? Par for the course in tv land. And that Brothers and Sisters setup just sounds plain odd. After reading that interview, I can see why she left.
I know I smirked at the rich irony of the sole woman leaving a show about women, families and society because her perspective doesn't jibe with the creator's, meanwhile the creator's perspective seems to boil down to women as mothers, conservative woman who's childless(we're told there's a political statement here), and women in society. I don't know, it sounds fairly pretentious and boring to me.
and I love her voice

At least the guy liked her singing in OMWF. You don't suppose the problem was her lack of undies?

ramses 2, it sounds pretty pretentious and preachy to me, too. And what could they possibly find lacking in Betty Buckley? I think she's great.
Hm, I thought the "I love her voice" thing would have meant her voice in writing, jaynelovesvera.

As for her leaving the show? Thats normal. TV writers do that nomades thing quite often, itīs the nature of the business beast or something like that.
I was looking foward to this show, and with this development, it somewhat sours me on it. I know I shouldn't be swayed by this and no one truly knows what happens behind the scenes, but never the less, it does creep in there. Does anyone else find themselves "de-objectified" on creative work by real world occurances in the process? I really try not to be, but I still find myself watching the later seasons of Buffy wondering about animosities in the cast, etc. Or lately, the Libby/Ana deal on Lost in relation to their DUIs. It's not major, but a niggling thing in the back of my mind when I know too much.

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IMO, I don't Marti has found the right show as of yet. We know and have seen her talent. She has a certain style that will take time to find a place to roost. Give her a chance, she'll find her mark in time.
You know I'd have to agree with the notion that maybe Marti should be somewhere writing instead of being show runner. The woman is a fabulous writer. Some of her early work on BTVS still blows me away. Whatever she finds herself knee deep in the middle of, I hope she does well and gets her groove back.

This show sounds interesting to me. I'll give it a try. I am a huge fan of Ken.
Charmuse, I don't think I'm really affected heavily by real world events upon drama. I can just watch something like Buffy or Angel and just accept what is happening. Of course I don't think it's real, but I think we are all capable of just believing something even if we read about the actors or see them in other projects.

However, there are a few which kind of make it harder to suspend disbelief. The huge amount of media exposure Tom Cruise receives, for example, and his kind of "I'm such a huge, rich star!" persona always jars whenever I see any of his recent films.
ramses 2 - dito on all points.

Marti is extremely talented and will find her gig. I'll be waiting patiently.

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