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August 27 2006

"This year, we did the impossible. Next year, we top it." Devin Pike of the Dallas Serenity screening, who recently answered my call to take the reins for the much-desired 2007 round of charity screenings, reports on the answers to the two most pressing questions for Universal. So, in a sense as my last official act of stepping down, I turn you over to Devin and what he's learned.

Q: How many prints of 'Serenity' exist -- and will continue to exist -- in 2007? Would enough exist to cover the 45 sites that held the screenings in 2006?

"At this time there are prints. If I know that they are going to be used I can set them aside. I believe I can put aside as many as needed."

Q: If there aren't actually enough prints left for everyone who wants to do a new round of charity screenings in 2007, how can we work out *theatrical* rights for using the DVD? Would organizers continue to work with Swank, or is there another alternative through Universal?

"If you find a theatre that has DVD capability, I can license you the DVD and you do not need to go through Swank."

Click through to read the entirety of Devin's message and see just where things are, and where they aren't, in the early pre-discussions about Can't Stop The Serenity 2007.

Excellent... [/Mr Burns voice]
Great job, theonetrueb!x! Good luck, Mr. Pike! :-)
As the Event Co-ordinator for the Vancouver (BC) screening, I want to say thank you to theonetrueb!x for the original idea and all the time and effort he devoted to the project. I still don't know when he slept for two months because he seemed to answer que4stions online at any time of the day or night!

Thanks to Devin for coming forward to try to fill b!x's shoes. He's already made a start and I look forward to working with him - and the rest of the organizers - over the next few months or so. I was very lucky that I had a great organizing team, including some who are members of this site. I hope I will be able to work with them again.
theonetruebix, you did a great job, man.

I'm confident that Devin Pike will be able to do the same! Man, I can't wait for these (and damn it, I'm showing up in costume next year).
theonetruebix, we all appreciate the work you've done. But you keep pushing the limits of our site's self linking rule. Please don't do it again.
I'm unsure if Toronto can do it again since the theatre we used closed down but if we can, we will. Thanks again b!x!
If it's not my endeavor anymore, how is it self-linking?
Bix this is a matter best discussed via email and not on site as per our rules, so send an email to Whedonesque's addy.
To lighten the mood, the nuns from Sound of Music begin singing:

How do you solve a problem like theonetruebix?
How do you turn his last official act down?
How do you find a word that means theonetruebix?
He helped women around the world in every town!

Many a word of thanks you'd like to tell him
Many a thing he ought to understand
His picture’s on my shelf
but he keeps linking to himself
How do you keep control upon the fan?

Oh, how do you solve a problem like theonetruebix?
How do you hold a hero in your hand?

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