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August 27 2006

Tim Minear is my Master now. More fun at the Corner on National Review as Tim Minear sets the record straight on the libertarian influence on Firefly (and pokes gentle fun at Joss too). And in related news, Serenity won a special Promethus Award awarded by the Libertarian Futurist Society at WorldCon on Friday.

Heh, Kerry-boy, nice podcast much love for Heinlein and the new show Drive.

TM's obituary will have to include 'PS. No he didn't write for Buffy, ever.'
"Kerry-boy" - heh! A short but sweet piece. Downloading the podcast now.
I would totally get a "Tim Minear is my Master now" T-shirt if it existed. I'll just have to do with my Joss shirt.
They can both be my master.
Hahaha...I think we definitely need a shirt. Better yet, a "Joss and Tim are both my masters" shirt.
"Joss Vs Tim: the survivor can be our master now"

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