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"Okay - this is because of going through the portal, right?"
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August 27 2006

"We gotta go to the crappy town where I'm a hero!" Well now you can. It's called Washtown and it exists in the virtual world of Second Life. And there's a full scale Firefly class ship for you to explore as well.

I was over there Friday. The ship is really amazing and the people are very nice!
The ship is really incredible, and the whole town looks pretty sweet. Nicely done, those responsible!
Agreed, this looks really sweet. I never had much look with Second Life as I could never be bothered to find out how it works, and my graphics card sucks (laptop boy).

Somebody should make a Serenity game, also. Really.
Alas, my computer is too old to be able to work with Second Life. :P
I'm on a laptop too -- still working on getting my home PC back up and running -- but after I turned down the graphics details on distance and terrain I was able to get around well enough.
That was awesome looking! Wish I could visit that town.

I know Microsoft recently announced a Create Your Own Xbox 360 Games service that will be coming for this holiday season.

By joining a “creators club” for an annual subscription fee of $99 (U.S.), users will be able to build, test and share their games on Xbox 360™ and access a wealth of materials to help speed the game development progress.

I wonder how long it would take for a Serenity/Firefly game to show up once that's available? I don't have access to Live but I would seriously need to find someone who does just to download a copy of a Firefly game if one ever showed up!
Firefly Flanatic - uh-huh, I totally noticed that one. It depends if they allow things like custom models and such. Plus, if it was out and out Firefly related I could see FOX getting it pulled.

It's a shame, as ultimately to make a really decent Serenifly game you'd need massive resources (ie funding), but I think it could be awesome. The rights are still available from Universal, we'll see if anybody picks them up.
I cant get onto it!

How infuriating! I may have a virtual tantrum right now. It lets me onto it all right, but as soon as I press the button to go into the town it flashes to "Page Not Recognised".

Can anyone help a beautiful and bendy Whedonesquer in need? And also, when you're done with them, can you give me a hand?
There's a group of us Whedonesquers stood outside the ship, about a hundred meters to the north of the front of the ship.

And yes, I totally had my Uber!Nerd moment sitting in the pilots seat of Serenity.
Does anybody know anybody who can get a hold of that Unreal Tournament map that was being made while the show was on TV? I remember looking at the screenshots and needing to walk the corridors. It was perfect. It even had Kaylee's sign.
pat, that's a very good question. I'd be very interested to know if anybody still has the UT map that FOX built back in 2002, for game development reasons. I'm pretty sure it's no longer available.
Soo... I tried Second Life, but my graphics card apparently can't handle it very well. Which is unfortunate, because it looks quite awesome. Especially with Browncoats.

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