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August 27 2006

Tony Head confirms roles in Jane Austen's 'Persuasion'. He will be playing Anne's father, Sir Walter Elliot.

This is a more direct link:

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Perhaps someone could just tell us a little more about the production, please?

(edited to say please - where are my manners???)

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Thanks gilesno1fan, I've updated the link.
At first I had a hard time picturing ASH as Sir Walter since he's such an unsympathetic character, but then I remembered a few times when Giles got up on his high horse, so I can see the potential.
I don't know why Persuasion needs to be made again but I'm glad ASH is in it (and why he isn't playing the lead is mystifying; Ciarin Hinds didn't look very young when he did it, what, ten years ago now?).
Oh Tony Head will be amazing as the extremely vain and silly Sir Walter, that role always needs someone who is really willing to go for the comedy (always checking himself out in the dozens of mirrors he likes to hang in every room). I am thrilled by this news because this is my favorite of Jane Austen's books and I've never really been happy with any of the productions I've seen in the past.
Yes, ASH could definitely pull off the pomposity and priggishness necessary for Sir Walter. So, what's with this new production? Is it a major studio deal, or what?

(I'm guessing it's this , a for-TV production to be directed by Adrian Shergold (?) and with Rupert (!) Penry-Jones in the lead role.)
He must be in that production, they are filming in Bath after all!
I wanna see ASH as Inspector Kurt Wallander...........,,1810958,00.html
Awesome! My absolute favorite Austen novel as well, embers, and you are right, they've never had a decent (IMHO) production of it. The style and melancholy maturity of its heroine is particularly difficult to adapt to screen...interestingly. But Giles as Sir Walter, a man with no redeeming factor whatsoever...can't wait. I'd rather see him as the Admiral Croft but that might be too few lines.
Hmmm... I'll be interested to see what they do with this production. I couldn't tell whether this will get a longer treatment than the Ciaran Hinds/Amanda Root version, which is still hands down my favorite adaptation of Austen - and my favorite of her novels.

I'm also looking forward to the new adaptation of Northanger Abbey.

There seems to be an emerging trend of "Spooks" in Austen adaptations as well....
This is such great news! I *adore* Persuasion - it's my favorite book from my favorite author. And I can definatly see ASH playing a great Sir Walter. He has such good comedic instincts, without having to rely on jokes, which is what that role needs.

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