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August 28 2006

Nathan Fillion nominated for a Fango Chainsaw Award for his role in 'Slither'. He faces off against the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and King Kong in the "Dude You Don't Want To Mess With" category. More details over at the Fangoria website.

It's nice that he got nominated, but I would totally mess with him over Samuel L. Jackson. Nobody messes with Sammy J.
Nobody messes with Mal, also. Somebody should make a film - Mal Vs Samuel L. Jackson on a Motherfucking Spaceship.
King Kong? He kind of... died.
And please, you dont ever see Sam J fighting zombie-inducing slugs from outer space. Mal would win, hands down.
This is being televised in October... think Nathan will show?
Mal would kick the motherf***in' snakes into the motherf***in' engine. Not even a contest. But it's Nathan's work as Sheriff Purdy that's nominated, and that's what makes this a fair fight. Good luck, Mr. Fillion! :-)

BTW, creepiest kid? Dakota Fanning in anything. ;-)

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