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August 28 2006

Adam Baldwin's appearance at Dragon*Con has been cancelled. On the official Firefly board, Adam posts that he was unable to attend due to his work schedule and apologies for the late notice and the inconvenience it may cause (req. reg). Summer Glau, Alan Tudyk, Andy Hallet and Nicholas Brendon are still scheduled to attend.

On the OB, Adam indicated he had to cancel due to his work schedule.
Damn! I'd been hoping to present him with my "Snakes on a Jayne" T-shirt that a friend designed to go along with my "Snakes on a Plane"/"Firefly" crossover spoof.

At least I'll still get to ogle Alan and Summer and Nick (oh my!)
I've changed the link to the one Shiny_ provided and tweaked the subject line accordingly.
I'm so glad I caught him last year. But I'm still totally bummed!
The Dragon*Con web site has the schedule available for download, BTW. It's even somewhat accurate......

(And yes, I'll be there too, BTW. And Blackout is now out. Buy early, buy often.)
fiareynne, can you post a picture of the shirt? It sounds like a great shirt!
Aww man! But at least I got to see him last year! I was hoping to see him again but oh well. DC is still going to be awesome!
Shoot! He was the reason I was going... *cries*

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