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August 28 2006

A (School) Year of Buffy Screenings. UNCG walks into the fire of pop culture studies with two Buffy screenings per month followed by lectures on the episodes' meaning and importance.

Premier Pointy Post to the front page. It didn't hurt at all, was really fast, and I'm glad it was with you!

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Um, why isn't this at the school where I teach??? Lucky sonsabitches.

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My theater teacher just told my class today that his all time favorite show is Buffy! I nearly gave him a standing ovation. I also found it very interesting that I, being in my early 30's, seemed to be the only one excited about it, while the 18-20 year olds seemed to scoff at him!
Fantastic! And just up the road from me...maybe I'll go visit.

Who's giving the lectures all year before Rhonda Wilcox's final summation? (And BTW, "Yay Rhonda!")
Now why couldn't the university I just graduated from (Western Washington University) have something like this? Maybe I would have actually met someone in my three years there! ;)

Anyway, congrats to the lucky people that get to go!
I am an UNCG alum and I am going to enroll in this if possible. Believe me it's the only cool thing they have ever done...LOL
Can you edit this to read UNCG rather than UNC? You had me all excited for a minute... ;-; I was like "I will SO go and sit in that class even if I'm not enrolled" but it turned out to be UNCG....
I have a reverse of the usual location envy. I wish I weren't going to be in LA while Rhonda Wilcox is addressing students at her alma mater about Buffy. That's so cool.
I wish there would be an online study of Jossvese conducted by academics. I'd love to participate in a class being conducted by Wilcox.
Edited, peachgirldb. Sorry to get your hopes up.
My husband works for UNCG, and I knew when he came home today with a giant grin on his face, waving a piece of paper he couldn't wait to show me, that something major was up. Amazing that this is happening only a mile from our house! Crossing my fingers I can get in; maybe being an alumnus might help?

I currently know of exactly one Buffy fan in town besides myself (actually a friend I hooked several years ago), so the prospect of meeting and talking with a whole roomful of Slayer-lovers and 'potentials' in an academic environment is pretty exciting stuff. Maybe people who take the class can post about the weekly discussion topics in the Library?
I wish we had somethig like that in my school! But I have had a class discussion at least partly related to Buffy: In my English class, our teacher was doing a lesson on writing good dialouge and the handout she gave mentioned Buffy. Something along the lines of "Each person has their own distinct way of speaking. Likewise, each character should have a unique style of speaking that must be conveyed through writing. For an example of writing good character-specific dialouge, watch the TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

We tried to convince her to let us watch an episode in class, but she said no.
It would be great if there was an online version, so the Buffy goodness could be spread all around. Still, congratulations, and have fun with your learnin', to those who can take part in these rockin' classes! :-)
Wiseblood, you can get in. It says they're open to the public. You should take some video of Wilcox's speech, and put it on YouTube.
I called and talked with the folks at UNCG this morning. It's open to the public, you just show up, no registration required. I am so there.
Just called the W&GS dept. to confirm some info (my husband's notes were brief!) and the woman who answered said they were amazed by the response already -- that people from "across the country" seemed to know about it and they weren't sure how. I spelled out the W'esque URL very carefully for her :)

She also mentioned that the city paper had called, so I'm sure there'll be an online article that can be linked to soon.
Buffy has something for everybody.

I learned this when I showed two full weeks to Buffy to high school freshmen (in a speech class). They were riveted.

I am transfering to UNCG.

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