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August 28 2006

Julie Benz in a "Circle of Friends". Also starring Chris Kramer. Airs tonight at 9 on the Lifetime Network.

"After the death of her beloved hubby, Maggie has finally mustered up the courage to return to her hometown to dedicate a scholarship in his name. While there, she reconnects with some old pals, but her reminiscing soon turns to suspicion when she realizes that her husband's death may be tied to the mysterious murders of several of her former classmates." (taken from the lifetime website)

Lifetime just loves whedonverse actors! Jewel, Charisma, Sean and Michelle (just to name a few)have all been in original movies in the past. I'm sure there are more.

Did anyone see this? Was it any good?
Eh, my roommate watched it and liked it, but she watches anything ;)

During one of the commercial breaks I saw an ad for a new one starring Elizabeth Rohm!

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