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August 28 2006

Bones ... a reason to live. Review of David's performance in Bones Season 2.

This is my first attempt at a post. Hope I did it right. Simon feel free to edit as needed.

That's awesome!
EW is giving David very high praise by comparing him to being a cross between Dean Martin and George Clooney.
I saw an ad today saying that the season premier for Bones will be this Wednesday, that must be one of the first isn't it?
It's so nice to see DB come into his own. I've always thought that it was DB's performance as Booth that was the stand out of the series and apparently I'm not the only one.
Fox is starting some of its shows now because it carries the baseball playoffs in October. Besides, it's better than reruns, or "America's Got Talent". I just hope this season won't fall into a possible triangle between Booth, Dr. Brennan and the new head of her department.
As for calling Boreanaz a cross between Dean Martin and George Clooney, anyone hear him sing?
That was Angel singing. David, apparently, can sing much better.
When watching DB last year I though he was a cross between James Garner and George Clooney but the DM comparison works, too.
I think he does sleep with her( the new lady), but he is being upfront with Tempe. DB did an interview where he said this year all the women in his life will converge, but that he will do anything to protect his and Bone's relationship. He goes so far to even tell her he can't get into anything with her because he would never survive losing her.

I am so excited about this week's premiere.

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You could tell at the end of last season that he was feeling much more confident in his ability to portray the deeper emotions. Ken Tucker's praise must mean that he took that confidence and built on it for the new season. I'm really looking forward to this!

We'll also meet the mother of Booth's son this season. And for those who love Bones's assistants, TV Guide says Angela will finally find true love -- within the Institute!

If you missed the first season, the entire season is offered on iTunes. If it's limited to the US, then, well, sorry rest of the world! We're obviously better than you are! ;-)
I can't wait to see Angela and Hodgkins go out! The Booth and his ex thing will be very emotional and give David some great material.

First season dvd is due out in oct, I think.
Bones season 1 comes out on DVD,the 28th of Nov.Looking forward to the start of season 2 on Wed.
There have been several articles of late talking about the charming and talented David Boreanaz. It's always nice to see one more writer come to the same conclusion. The interview done with Emily Deschanel though telling about David's humor and his ability to keep it light and fun on the set just adds to the reasons it's fun to watch him and "Bones" ... counting down to Wednesday!!!
"He seems so relaxed, so confident in his ability to charm you, that he's morphed into a glorious cross between Dean Martin and George Clooney."

I just love that sentence. David is an amazing actor, it's great to see him appreciated in such a way.
This really makes me look forward to Wednesday! :-)
This really makes me look forward to Wednesday!:-)

I'd heard as a casting stunt they were featuring cast members from The Addams Family. DB always reminds me of a cross between George Clooney and Gomez Addams.
I caught the season finale recently and I cannot believe that I haven't watched the show. I loved Angel, but I didn't see DB as anything other than Angel until I saw this ep, though I do admit that there was a point in the ep that I thought he would "vamp out", but quickly realised that I was not watching B:tVS or Angel. =)
I can't wait to catch up on Season 1 and begin watching Season 2.
Heh, jaynelovesvera. Now if we can only get Ms. Deschanel (or Ms. Taylor) to speak French! ;-)
Love the DM/GC comparison. I was bothered to find spoilers for the coming season printed in this thread, though. I don't want to know what happens in advance of the season.
Fox is starting some of its shows now because it carries the baseball playoffs in October.

Hmmm... and here I was thinking it was because they were being smart and hooking viewers before the other networks got a chance. I guess I shouldn't have thought that highly of FOX.
Lovely little snippet of praise for David - whose acting abilities imo, have always been underrated. Yes, I am so looking forward to S2 of Bones.

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