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August 28 2006

Happy Birthday to J. August Richards. Happy 33rd Birthday to J August Richards, who played Charles Gunn on Angel.

Yes, his birthday is on August 28th, but it's still the 28th in the US, so I figured I'll still post it in case anyone's interested.
Happy Birthday, J!
Looks like we share a birthday! Oh...nope..I'm on the 29th.
(like the way the subtle reminders there...nicely done eh?)
Out here in California it will remain August 28th for almost another six hours, plenty of time to wish J. August Richards a VERY Happy Birthday! I've been rewatching Ats S5 and thinking again about how much I loved Gunn, particularly articulate scary lawyer Gunn!
Happy birthday Nix!
And happy birthday to J. It's said about them all, I know. But he really is such a nice man.
Hey nixygirl, your birthday is August 29? Mine too!!!

Anyway, happy birthday, J.!
J's episode of The 4400 was on last night.
I'm thinkin' that a residual cheque is a nice birthday present
Happy Birthday, J-Aug!
: )
With 20 minutes to spare (in my time zone), happy birthday to Mr. Richards (or may I call you J.?), with many happy returns!

And right on time (in your time zone), happy birthday and lots of fun and good wishes to my twin UnpluggedCrazy!! Now I'm all confused -- does that make it my birthday, too? ;-)

And with no idea what's happening in your time zone (I get all woozy trying to figure out the International Date Line), happy birthday to nixygirl! A happy, happy day to you, with everything you wish coming true! :-)
Happy Birthday J!

Happy Birthday nixygirl! ;)
I met him recently at an Angel con in the UK and was struck by how he looks even more good looking in the flesh then he does on the telly, and he's a really sweet bloke as well.

So Happy Birthday Jay!
Gorgeous, gorgeous man. Hope he had a very happy birthday!
Happy birthday J., Nixy and Unplugged.

When was J on the 4400? Tell me it was the one epi I missed from the whole season...or did I miss more than one? I guess it's possible.
Happy birthday J!
it my birthday, too?

billz, in addition to Whedonesque you are positively Beatlesque today. J, Nixygirl and Unplugged, a wonderful bday to you all!
Happy Birthday J, much love xxxx
Heh, jaynelovesvera (or if I may call you jlv)! Those are two pretty *rockin'* esques to be! ;-)
aww, I loved GUnn. Great character and great actor. :) Happy birthday J!!!
Hee hee, Happy Birthday Unplugged! I love the way we've hijacked the thread! ;-P
I had a lovely day of studying. I hope your birthday was awsome too babe.

Oh, Happy Birthday Jay also.

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