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August 29 2006

That Joss Whedon Hugo acceptance speech. As read by Morena Baccarin.

Morena should read all Joss's speeches :)
Morena is very pretty.
Pretty woman. Funny Speech.

More please.
Who needs a spaceship when you have Morena and Joss? There's a sitcom RIGHT THERE, network people. I call this show Josena.
That was lovely, thank you for the link! It was a lot more "acted out" than I expected, but then Morena is an actor. So, yeah.
Thank you! Just what I wanted.

...well...not ALL that I wanted, but great for now.
Is it Back-a-rin or Ba-ka-rin? Anyway, great speech as usual, and Morena is simply stunning.
It's a Back-a-rin. The guy got it wrong.
Damnit Joss, stop being so funny, you're using up all the words !

Yep, another great speech, beautifully delivered by the beautiful Morena.

Morena should read all Joss's speeches :)

Morena should read everything. I'd even listen to stock prices were they read in those dulcet tones.
The guy introducing her pronounced it INCORRECTLY. She prounounces it back-a-rin. There is some footage somewhere with a joint interview with her and Jewel Staite, where Jewel misprounounces it like that guy did, and Morena thumps her :)
Ok, thx! I thought he mispronounced it, but wasn't sure.
Imagine if brainy, wordsmithy Joss and achingly, hauntingly lovely Morena conceived a child together...the birth of a nonfictional superhero! And we could have a baby-naming contest.
Me want Joss and Morena doing something now...sitcom, hells yeah!
That footage is from the "Done the Impossible" documentary, Pumps.
jaynelovesvera... That's pretty crazy and wacky. Joss!More would be my baby name, also. Seriously, who else has an exclaimation mark in their name?
who else has an exclamation mark in their name?

gossi, that's what the Serenity marketing was missing. Revised title: !Serenity!
So awesome. And thank you Joss for talking about books...
they should've put exclamation marks around every cast member name.
Yeah jaynelovesvera, but what if it had Morena's brains and wordsmithing skills and Joss' aching hauntingness ?

Actually, that'd also be a preternaturally gifted child (just not as pretty, sorry Joss ;). Damn.

Re: names - Baccadon, Moross, Jossena ... VikingPrincess4 (or Prince), err, !! Joss Jnr. !! Any one of those should guarantee total parental hatred by the age of about 14.

As middle names i'd suggest 'Purplefonted Washkillah' if I was, y'know, bitter ;).
Saje! The last thing I needed this morning was a coffee nose-ema! Gawd but you do crack me up, boy! :D
"Contains free girl." How brilliant is that a description of a boy's love for Sci-Fi.
Willowy, hope it was iced, otherwise youch !

(though I guess it'd clear up any sinus problems pretty quickly. Or at least put previous discomfort into perspective ;).
I hoped this would turn up. Now I'm already jaded and I want a better copy to turn up, where you can see how awesome Morena actually looked, and the sound is in synch.
That was precisely what I needed to wake up to! Thanks!
I'm looking forward to my copy of Joss Whedon: Collected Speeches a few decades down the road.
*rubs eyes* Just woke up -- you miss a lot when you actually sleep. Yep, that's the one, very satisfying to see, simon, thank you.

God, my re-cap was woefully inadequate -- I think I got maybe one of the authors he mentioned correctly. Ah well. And dreamlogic, I emailed one of the guys involved with the slide-show & other stuff at the Hugos, and he said he 1) knew there was a DVD of the award show and 2) thought it was pretty likely it would soon be for sale and 3) sincerely hoped so, as he was backstage and didn't get to hear most of it. I'll let all y'all know...

"I don't know who Hugo was or where he came from, just that he could kick that Pulitzer-guy's ass when it came to choosing awesome lit."
This is so great, that Hugo managed to pick the right winner this year! Go Serenity.
The Hugo is named after Hugo Weaving. Back in 1938 Isaac Asimov travelled forward in time to 1999 in the time machine he, H.G. Wells and Hugo Gernsbsack invented. He saw the Matrix and was entranced by Agent Smith. When he returned to 1938 and told the others, they drew straws for who would get to father and name the child who would one day play Smith. It took them so long to locate the future mother that Wells had since passed on and Gernsback was too elderly to procreate, leaving Asimov to do the deed. Being very fond of Gernsback, who created Amazing Stories, the first scifi magazine,in 1926, Asimov named the boy Hugo. Really.
Saje, I'm tempted to change my screen name to Purplefonted Washkilla. Y'rock,y'know?
Imagine if brainy, wordsmithy Joss and achingly, hauntingly lovely Morena conceived a child together...the birth of a nonfictional superhero! And we could have a baby-naming contest.

We could call her. . . WONDER WOMAN!
I agree with whoever said Morena should read everything. She is so beautiful! And Joss is hysterical as usual :)
Nebula1400: "We could call her. . . WONDER WOMAN!"

I wanted to post something about this, but I couldn't figure out how to start the thread. Thought I'd wait until someone else started the thread, then chime in.

My original video ran 2:13 and if you noticed the out-of-sync audio you might also have noticed it ran 2:09 on You Tube. Must be something about the You Tube process. (BTW it was nearly 22 hours before the upload was ready for viewing.)

I also got pix of Morena, the Hugo and me. Several folk in the stage area also wanted pictures--I'm not sure why I was included in them, but they didn't want me to step out of frame. :~)
I emailed one of the guys involved with the slide-show & other stuff at the Hugos, and he said he 1) knew there was a DVD of the award show and 2) thought it was pretty likely it would soon be for sale

Good work. I hope so.

ETA: Didn't mean to sound ungrateful, Elvis (we posted almost the same time). That was our earliest and maybe only chance to see that online. I just hope we can eventually see it as it looked on the big screens at the event.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2006-08-29 22:06 ]
But will the DVD include pictures of Morena and Elvis after the show? I think not.
jaynelovesvera, I like it. I always enjoy a little Asimov love and I'm sure Isaac would not have minded the story coming out now. It seems appropriate. ;-)
Double post...somehow. Internet elves perhaps?

[ edited by newcj on 2006-08-29 23:31 ]
Not only More!Jossy goodness, not only nixygirl's and UnpluggedCrazy's birthdays, but Elvis is in the building, too. Helluva day, my friends, helluva day. ;-)

Thank you, Elvis, for granting my fanboyish wish of seeing this on the interwebs, since I lack the very same time machine of which jaynelovesvera wrote to go back in time, tell my mom some winning lottery numbers so she never has to work again yet still can give me plenty of dough to go to Worldcon with, so I could see this in person. It just seems simpler to watch the video on YouTube, somehow. ;-)
is there anything this man can't master?

Thank you, Elvis, for posting your viddy on youtube -- I both wanted and needed the damn words, and you delivered both sight and sound.

Might you have posted your photos from the Hugos elsewhere & if so, might we see them?

(And in yet another alternative universe, the Hugo's progenitor.)

The speech itself? -- Joss is utterly & chronically too effin' funny.

“But a sense of humor—a real one—is a rarity and can be utter hell. Because it’s immoral, you know, in the real sense of the word: I mean, it makes its own laws; and it possesses the person who has it like a demon. Fools talk about it as though it were the same thing as a sense of balance, but believe me, it’s not. It’s a sense of anarchy, and a sense of chaos.” — Robertson Davies, A Mixture of Frailties, 1958
QuoterGal, re "the Hugo's progenitor": my Hugo Weaving riff above started out as a Victor Hugo riff, with Asimov going back in time, but I changed it due to my sparse Victor knowledge.
A choice quote for those who don't read the imdb trivia section which I suspect will be few around here:

"Morena Baccarin provides the voice ('Parliamentary override. Full access.') for the security terminal in the records room."

No wonder Joss used her in a voice acting role yet again!
Sadly, not being a native speaker I can hardly understand anything. Is there a transscript out there? Pretty please?

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