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August 30 2006

SMG will get "Addicted" in new movie. This is in indie movie based on a South Korean movie. She plays a woman whose husband and brother-in-law are in a coma after an accident. The brother-in-law wakes up, claiming to be her husband, and she has to figure out what's going on. Filming starts in October.

Interesting, though this seems to indicate that Alice have been postponed, a pity was looking forward to that one.

For those interested, found this article whith some interesting behind the scenes on the asian remake wave and the start of The Grudge.
I'm not sure you can say Alice was postponed since there never has been any confirmed start date
Interesting premise.
man, SMG really is the go to girl for these Asian remakes. I bet she never thought that would be her pigeon hole...
I'm really liking the adjective "Hitchcockian". It's great to see that Sarah is working on so many projects and will have a steady stream of films coming out over the next few years. Hopefully this will be a great drama which will do its part to see Sarah recognised for her talents.
Thanks for the article jpr, it's quite interesting.
I was going to post a larger reply but it ended up excessively Off Topic, so I got a few other comments at a livejournal post.

But onto the main topic, which this thread is really about. It's really great that Sarah's getting more work. But you know what's really funny, and it was something that was not only noticed by me. Is how most of her upcomign projects, both concluded or still in production or to be producted, most could be considered genre movies. Delving a lot into supernatural subjects in different levels.

I think that she was tired of playing Buffy, but those 7 years did give her a deeper feel for these type of movies.

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So whats 'The Return' about then?
I'm not sure it's correct to say that most of her upcoming movies could be considered supernatural genre movies. Maybe "The Return", although the jury's out on that one. Certainly Grudge 2, but that's a cameo necessitated by the success of the first one. This new movie may or may not have anything to do with the supernatural. And "Southland Tales", "The Air I Breath", and "Girls Guide" don't fall into that category. I'm not sure where you'd put "Alice".
"Addicted" (Jongdok) was a wonderful film--Lee Mi-yeon and Lee Byung-hun were just brilliant. I'm sure SMG will do well in it, as she's quite talented, but it's one of those films that doesn't need a remake at all (and it was kind of already done with "Birth" anyway).
This girl just keeps going. Great news.

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