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August 30 2006

David Fury Script Giveaway. To celebrate the relaunch of, the new webmaster is giving away an autographed copy of Helpless, as well as a couple of autographed 24 scripts.

I jumped right over and signed up. There's a nice popgurls interview linked from there, too. And since I'm fairly sure I haven't seen it mentioned here yet, how cool was it to see DF up there on the stage with the whole Emmy accepting 24-crowd. It's so nice to see one of the kids doing so well for himself.
Yeah, I pointed at the screen and said, "Hey, look! It's David Fury." Unfortunately I do not think there was anyone else in the room at the time.
I was pretty excited to see Fury on stage at the Emmys as well. He really stood out with that outfit didn't he?

I loved the popup girls interview linked to from the site. I really enjoyed it and feel a little guilty that I have never watched 24 or Lost.

Lost just started too soon after the loss of Buffy and Angel. I was in mourning and not ready for a new show yet.

I even waited to watch Wonderfalls until it was out on DVD. I know, I am sad.

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Fury's also come out to play on the forum connected with his site.

SPOILERY FOR SEASON SIX OF 24 (Highlight full sentence below to read):

Fury revealed that apparently, Jack Bauer's in for another bad day.

You didn't hear it from me.

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I watched the Emmy's knowing there was a chance 24 would win. When they were on stage and the camera was panning, I was like "wait for it...wait for it...there he is!" And my roommates were like "oh cool...who is he again?'
Yeah, as soon as 24 was announced, I started looking for him. And there he was!
How hard does it rock that we give the full-on fanboy love to the writers?! Congratulations on your Emmy, Mr. Fury (and for heaven's sakes, let Chloe live and be well, capisce?)! ;-)

ETA: PS, thanks for saving "a certain Secret Service agent" from certain death! :-)

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