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April 13 2003

(SPOILER) More finale spoilers Wendy's SpoilerZone has been updated with details on several key exchanges in 22.

Well, I've heard that a certain group of fans are extremely upset with these bits and are already planning the destruction of ME, so to speak. :)

As much as I trust Wendy, I think I'll wait for the wildfeed. These spoilers only account for 3 scenes and are general in description. I'm pretty sure that there's a lot more to the episode and to these scenes.
You know, there's something I always wonder -- why do most of the "Buffy" spoiler sources tend to be Spike fans / Spuffies? I mean, where are the Xander-fan spoiler sources? Or for that matter spoiler sources who just dig Buffy? What did we do for spoilers back in seasons 1-3 when Spike was either (blissfully) absent or a (very entertaining) secondary villain? Because of this imbalance, most of the spoilers we get tend to be about Spike. Xander must be doing something in the finale, right? RIGHT?

Oh. Wrong.
LOL Sometimes I wonder if Xander is still even a part of Buffy. Is he stuck on the 59th floor of a building he's working on and the writers just forgot to tell us? :)
Poor Xander, even Nick confessed he had no arc to speak of at a recent con in Pasadena. Guess it's no wonder he is excited about moving on to his new pilot.
Everything we hear about the finale is about Angel, Buffy and Spike. Giles, Willow, Xander, Anya and Andrew should team up, stake the two vamps and hand Buffy over to that nice hospital she was in in Normal Again.
According to a very reliable poster at the B C & S spoiler board, Alyson is done filming for BtVS so make of that what you will.

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