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August 30 2006

"Relative Chaos" site is live. The official website for "Relative Chaos," the ABC Family movie starring Nick Brendon and Charisma Carpenter, is up! Includes pictures, character/actor bios and more.

Nick plays a Congressman! Who's got kids!

I have to say I find it hard to picture Nick as a Congressman.
I was more surprised to picture him as a dad.
What with the eyepatch and all, I'd expect to see him as a pirate, garrr. Oops, sorry, that's Xander; OK, Nick as a dad -- yeah, that I can picture (but I have to agree about the Congressman thing, he seems too young). ;-)
I don't know, billz, I seem to remember Xander quite often interested in congress with attractive women.
I don't know -- I could believe him as a very young congressman, especially with the haircut.
Oh on further note -- I grimace at the fact that they listed him as being in Children of the Corn III. Surely, he has better credits aside from Buffy.
With the other two movies Nick made being held hostage somewhere, I'm glad that this one is going to be shown.
That reminds me! I hear "Alien Fire" will air next spring, the delay being due to the postproduction special effects work.
I had a HUGELY funny comment, but will suppress it for the public good. I hope this gets some good reviews because I know they are both capable of sterling work and I hope they get some meatier stuff real soon. Also - I can't see it owing to craptacular geography, so my apologies if this is of the sterling.
I don't know, billz, I seem to remember Xander quite often interested in congress with attractive women.

LOL as usual, jaynelovesvera! Still, "interested" doesn't always add up to "and then it happened." Except maybe in this case, since Nick's character does have kids. ;-)
giles, you know we're gonna want to hear the hugely funny comment. Please? You could invisitext it maybe.

This project sounds interesting, although I very much doubt I will get to see it over here anytime soon. It's not exactly a really highbrow drama or anything, but it might be fun and it will be great to see Nick and Charisma together again.

Also, is it just me or does Nick look much older? His hair looks kinda strange too, like it's been dyed on the op but not at the sides.
I think it's interesting that they still list Christopher Gorham's Buffy appearance, especially ahead of CSI and Without a Trace which are certainly bigger shows (now).
It's possible he did better work in Buffy than either of those. They didn't put "Out of Practice" before "Felicity" even though OoP is more recent.

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