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August 31 2006

A year on from the release of the Serenity novelization. Author Keith R. A. DeCandido talks to Chris Bridges.

Interesting interview with our own krad! And I like how it gives us a sort of "behind the scenes" look at how these 'verse books come about/get written, etc. Thanks for the link, TheDivine. (Can I call you that?)

And krad, if you see this, I just bought Blackout! I plan to read it tomorrow night on the plane. And since the flight originates in Hawaii, I'm just praying there's, you know, no creatures of the reptile persuasion, or anything like that. . . .
Thanks! Glad you liked the interview, and hope you like Blackout! *grin*
I got my Blackout last week from Amazon and I loved it! Seriously, it was the best Buffy book I have read yet. Great job!

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Hi: this is my first post. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed Blackout. In fact I couldn't put it down until I'd finished it! I loved getting into the mind of Nikki, meeting Robin as a small child (quite sad actually), and picking up on the connections to seasons five and seven. The descriptions of NYC in the late seventies were extremely evocative and I felt pulled into that world. I really hope that this recent move away from publishing more "young adult" style books is a trend that will continue.
Hi krad. I loved your Serenity novelization! I found it very easy to assimilate with the film. When I hear or read someone criticizing parts of the film (like Mr. Universe) I start explaining the backstory (well that's because...) - usually to myself as I'm talking to the television or the online review or whatever - not remembering until later that I got that information from your lovely novel and not the film itself. Looking forward to getting Blackout and learning more about Nikki Wood.

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