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August 31 2006

(SPOILER) Spike: Asylum interview at Broken Frontier. has an interview with the very handsome writer (his words) of SPIKE:ASYLUM, Brian Lynch.

This really should have been self-linked.
Ha. No. Rules are rules.
BF: Where does Spike: Asylum fit in terms of the grand scheme of the Buffy-verse?

BL: Spike's at a point where he has his soul, and he's loose in Los Angeles, trying to be a hero. Problem is, he fought for a soul to win a girl's heart, and it didn't work, so now he's at a crossroads. He's been a ruthless killer forever, and now he's a champion, he's not sure what role that fits him best. The whole series deals with him trying to find his place in the world... while fighting tons of monsters, and making fun of anyone that crosses his path.

Brian, are you allowed to say the words "post 'Not Fade Away'" or is that kind of a grey area (or is it just not set post-NFA) ?

Nice interview though, with pictures even. Kinda-slightly-very-very looking forward to this.
Bryan, I enjoyed the interview but Buffy never said "so what if you have a soul, I totally love Angel".

Imo, Buffy was in love with Spike when he died and I don't know of anything that contradicts my own view.
I'm with Reddygirl, Brian.
I'm thinking you probably meant Buffy's 'direct quote' as a joke, but in reality her last words to Spike were very different. I also think she was very proud of him and his journey, so I don't think there was any way she would ever have discounted the fact that he won back his soul.

All in all though...I am still looking forward to this series and pre-ordered the first issue.
"Problem is, he fought for a soul to win a girl's heart, and it didn't work, so now he's at a crossroads."

Saje I'd have to assume this is Pre-NFA and even Pre-Shells, to be honest. In Shells Spike came to the realisation that actually he wanted to stick around and help out not because of an attachment to any woman, but for the simple fact that it's what HE wanted. He specifically verbalises that fact.

To say that post-NFA he has regressed would imho be a disserve to the character and the journey he has been on up to that point.

Brian Can't wait to read this. :0)
I think its very obvious that the (very handsome) Brian Lynch meant the direct quote as a joke :) He knows very well what she said and what his reply was... And I agree that Spike was right in his reply (direct quote here): "Bitch, go get me a bloomin' onion!". So glad they cut the line about him being able to cook it himself as he burned up, though, that was just tacky... ;P

In all seriousness, Bufy didn't love Spike the way that he loved her and his last words to her say he knows as much (SPIKE: No, you don't. But thanks for saying it. Now go!)

ETA - lynnie - the regression was exactly my issue with Spike in AtS S5. He had come such a long way and they regressed him to play up Angel/Spike rivalry.
I agree on the regression, zeitgeist. Everytime I saw a bit of the old Spike, in Hole in the World say, I cheered.
I was kidding about Buffy's exact words. And I think it's pretty clear that Buffy didn't love Spike the way that she loved Angel. Of course she realized what he went through to win her heart, but said heart belonged to another.

Heck, it was clear to Spike, when she told him she loved him in the last episode, he called her on it immediately. Thanks to Zeitgeist for pointing it out.

And no, I'm not allowed to say the words "post-Not Fade Away". I will never ever say those words. Not once. Maybe to my friends. And family.

And Saje, I think you'll especially like the series, especially the later issues. Not gonna say why, just keep your eyes peeled...

...don't keep them peeled LITERALLY, though. Because ew.

[ edited by Brian Lynch on 2006-08-31 20:14 ]
Most welcome, Senor Lynch- and, you're right, 'ew' :)
Very cool interview. I agree about the not in love thing. Spike was the one that saw honesty and he knew where he stood. It was why I always saw them free to explore Illyria and him.

I also very much agree about the regression of Spike.I put it down to different writers. Mainly male writters on mainly male kind of show. Men like fights and blowing things up and crude talk.It is the very same case for Faith. She was written and behaved differently on Angel. Yet, once back on Buffy she too lost alot of the new Faith. She regressed from everything she learned and gained though her redemption attempts. Again different kind of show and this time more female writters. You also had a problem with a character(spike) being in the same place as she was and not getting the same reaction to her tries.

So Brian, any new stories you might be working on for IDW after these?

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-08-31 21:45 ]
Oh, we all know Spike was pining for his one true love - Angel! The only reason Angel was a meanie to Spike when he showed up was because he was in denial and fighting his deep and enduring lusty feelings for him.

*ignores all other shippy talk - there can be only one* ;0)

Right on cue to the Angel/Spike talk. Whedonisque is really getting known for it! LOL.

Serious note, maybe all shippy talk can be ignored so that we can focus on the more intresting parts of this comic/interview.

I am curious at the comic book refrence to comparing Spike to Wolverine. How so.

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-08-31 21:46 ]
Shipping! Shipping! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *runs away screaming*
A while back on my blog, I answered a question sent to me by a fan asking if Jay and Silent Bob or Batman could appear in ASYLUM. I said, due to copyright reasons, it can't happen, but then I said:

"Also, while Batman would probably beat Spike, Spike would easily beat Robin. Also also, if Spike and Wolverine met they'd probably throw down a few beers instead of fighting. They'd bond over the fact that they're both carrying torches for super powered girls that are in love with whiny nerds instead of them. Then they'd talk about how both of these girls keep dying over and over despite their best attempts to save them."

So that's why I think Spike is kinda like Wolverine. Fools for love, angry violent heroes that don't mind getting their hands dirty, that kinda thing.
"Whiny nerds"....snerk....heeee
Oh may be on to something there......
Remember, there is a rule about aggressive shipping.

Men like fights and blowing things up and crude talk.

And generalizing and stereotyping, they love those, too! :)
Intresting, I never saw it that way. But could deffinatly see that senerio. Thanks Brian.

I could see Spike beating new/current Robin(Tim Drake), but no way could he kick Nightwing's(Dick Grayson) ass. Nightwing is as good as Bats now.

Cyclops is sooooo not a whiny nerd. He has those cools shades! Meanie!

But he is annoyingly by the book. Goes after clones of his true love then drops everything the moment she comes back AGAIN. So Angel and Scott are very similiar. I see Spike also like Havok.

Too bad on the Jay & Silent Bob. Now there is a visual of them a talking to Spike. I think I would die laughing. Only then need to add Missy(ED's character) in her black latex jumpsuit=)

Sorry, Ziegiest.... I just mean that Angel took a definatly male tone. A much darker, more physical show compared to Buffy's feelings and talking. Angel's cast was primarily male with the women always being the damsels, while Buffy's was run by strong women with the men being the ones needing the rescueing. At least that is how I saw the differences in the shows and writing styles.

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-08-31 21:26 ]
I think it's a good sign for the book that Brian Lynch comes across in interviews as a very funny guy.
Very interesting interview, thanks for the link.

Bryan Lynch wrote
both carrying torches for super powered girls that are in love with whiny nerds instead of them.

Yes! Yes! Buffy + Jonathan 4EVA!!!

*Runs away before being banned for agressive shipping*
I think that, by nature, anyone who ships Buffathan (Buffathan?!) would be too passive to qualify for an aggressive shipping ban :)
Charmuse: Shipping! Shipping! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *runs away screaming*

Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Shipping!!!!! Avast ye, Mateys, abandon ship!
Very nice interview, i got mine pre-odered at IDW. Haha, sorry Brian, but Spike will always be able to beat Batman for me, Spike's one of the strongest warriors in the buffyverse.
Also not to be shippy, but wether she loved him or not is up to the viewers interpretation. And many like myself believe she did, their relationship has had every facet and in the end made eachother stronger for it. The reason for the "No you don't, but thanks for saying." was i believe simple becuse their relationship couldn't grow onscreen no more, Spike was being transferred over to angel. All links had to be severed.

I definitely like the Spike deciding on who he wants to be,and him being on crossroads. Can he fight the good fight on his own, not for Buffy or the memory of a sweet girl(Fred),ect? As for the post-NFA, well i imagine that is a story that Joss wants to tell, one way or the other.
I still hope that someday Spike will be back where he belongs, on the side of Buffy and the Scoobies.
I've always seen a similarity between Spike and Wolverine. Huge fan favourite, dark past etc.
Really? Interesting. I see it as she grew to love and respect him instead of just using him as a punching bag/f*%$ puppet, but that she wasn't in love with him as he was with her. Can I say f*%$ puppet? I may get banned my own self :) /waves something shiny to distract Simon/Caroline/Herb.
I agree Zeigiest. She respected him and loved him like Angel loved Faith. A very dear friend whom helped her through some dark times. Someone whom saw her at her worst and still thoguht she rocked and did not pass judgement. And she did the same for him.

So does that mean you have to give yourself a talking too and a warning? How do you start that conversation? LOL!
Can anyone say f*%$ puppet ? I mean the puppet bit's easy, been saying that for years but the rest, tongue-twistalicious.

Can't say i've ever really thought about Spike and Wolverine (up a tree k-i-s-s ... ahem. Sperine ? Wike ?) being similar but in some ways I guess they are. They've both got motorbikes for instance and they've both done wetwork for the CIA (except Spike). Plus, signature hair-does.

(and there's the whole dark anti-hero/doomed romances thing as well)

And Saje, I think you'll especially like the series, especially the later issues.

Hmm, colour me intrigued. *tracks back through everything he's ever said anywhere, ever*, nope, I didn't think i'd mentioned Seven of Nine and the houmous fight to anyone so it can't be that ...
"And I think it's pretty clear that Buffy didn't love Spike the way that she loved Angel. Of course she realized what he went through to win her heart, but said heart belonged to another."

Man I wish you hadn't said that.
Sperine? Wike?

Why, Xane? Oh no, the actual Spike posts here as Xane, doesn't he? Dammit, I've offended Spike.
I'll just say that I agree with zeitgeist,Brian Lynch and Donna Troy about this.That's exactly what I saw onscreen as well.Others of course feel different.

Anyway,fun interview and looking forward to the second part tomorrow.
Is it aggressively shipping to think that Buffy might have actually known what she was feeling more than Spike at the very end of her story? It kind of works for me on a whole feminist level:)

The comic still sounds like a ton of fun, I look forward to it.
I should point out that Buffy's feelings for Spike absolutely do not factor into SPIKE:ASYLUM, so if anyone disagrees with me about their relationship, then it will not ruin your enjoyment of it.

It does deal with Spike and women, however. Big-time.
Demon/Vampire women or all the women in his life?

Are you touching on his views of him and Dru? Or is this more about how he likes to physically/emotionally dominated by them? Or likes to be the big bad protector?

I am not a huge Spike fan, but that makes me very intrested in this.
Not going in-depth on Dru, per se, but DEFINITELY the fact that he is physically/emotionally dominated by them, and how he likes to be the protector, THAT plays so very large into the overall plot of all five issues.

My goal is to make you a huge Spike fan, I swears. Because Spike tells the audience his thoughts via captions all throughout, it really lets you know what makes him tick and gives you an up close and personal view.

Another goal? To make the reader jump up and cheer by the end of the series. We're going for crowd-pleasing, and I think we deliver.
Yep, Zeitgeist really, and Spike's love wasn't the same anymore like in season5,6, he had alot of development himself in season 7,the two of them had the hero's journey and he was willing to let Buffy go, he had a mission to do. Spuffy was definitely nothing like Angel/Faith in my view, theirs was never a romantic,sexual one. I think the one who knew Angel best was Cordelia, who had seen the most of him, but not close to Spuffy who really did see the best and worst of eachother.

Brian, i think that only Joss himself will clear the Spuffy/Bangel or maybe even never since that was not really the point(love-affairs) of the shows.

I can see Spike and Wolverine comparison, both awesome characters that kick ass and don't play by the rules.
Cordy never even really KNEW Angel or accepted all sides of him. Both demon and man.Which was why Angel had to have the perfect day dream. And centainly not in the way Buffy understood both men. Both Vamps.

In my view Spuffy was never romantic, but very sexual. Faith/Angel started out sexual(unrequited) and turned into something deeper. He saved her, saw her as not the lost cause and respected her for her faults. Much Like Buffy did for Spike. Buffy made Spike feel like man. Angel made Faith feel like a worthy Slayer and woman. When the time came, Faith broke out jail, put her own life and freedom on the line, and stood tall(against others who showed only anger) all to repay Angel for that.. faith in her. Something Spike does when he goes to ge this soul and in his speech to Buffy. Faith saw the very worst and best of Angel after her walk in his head, something he saw too during his struggles with her. It is very much like Buffy and Spike in that respect too, IMO.

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-09-01 01:16 ]
Don't think so, the worst of angel/us wasn't shown when Faith was in his head.
Spike couldn't show it to Buffy, but he did repeatedly tell her that he has done VERY bad things. Spuffy was clearly romantic, all you have to do is see season7. Giles even saw it, the deep bond between them even if they aren't physical anymore. Faith's journey is alot more then just simply about Angel, i do believe that she was thankfull, but in the end it was all up to her to try and redeem herself. And Buffy never really saw the whole "Angel", IMO.
Anyway, back to topic.
Brian, do you have an exact release-date for the first issue? I know somewhere in September, but which week?
While I'm not really "into" comics, I do appreciate them for the mere fact that they (and the books) are all we're likely to get anymore of the Buffy-verse - until the obvious and inevitable big screen Buffy/Angel verse movie! So I thank you Brian for taking the time to post here and interact with fans! It's good times...

And I know not everyone will agree with you (though many others obviously do), but I have to say that your view of what was shown on screen matches mine exactly. So thank you for being brave enough to share your views!

I liked Spike again in season 5 of Angel so if he's written that way, I'd be happy to see it!
And some of the last few posts have come perilously close to violating the no aggressive shipping rule. Oversteps get deleted. Thanks.
Agree to disagee. =)

In interviews about Orpheus, the writers said that only Faith could have helped Angel, because only she understood what it was to walk that path and vice versa. He said they were as intimate as people could be without sleeping with each other. Faith only broke out of Jail for Angel, otherwise she would have stayed there and done her time. Everything she did was about saving Angel. Then she went to Buffy because it was the right thing to do and she want to make amends, much like Spike deos in season 5 of Angel when he stays to help fight when nothing is forcing him too any more. Both Spike and Faith actions were direct results of Buffy and Angel's influences on their lifes,emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As for Buffy knowing Angel, She knows what he did because he did it to her. She knows Angelus(better then most except Spike) and she knows Angel. She experienced the best and worst first hand and still loves him.

I thought it said it would be released the third week of Sept.

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-09-01 01:58 ]
I am totally stepping around the shippy discussion (Spangel 4EVA!), but the Wolverine and Spike comparison is spot on, esp. if you've read Wolvie's origin story. Erm, which is kinda relevant to the linked cover. IIRC, the Wolverine Origins story came out around the same time that Fool for Love first aired.

Also, very much looking forward to Mr. Lynch's Spike: Asylum!

[ edited by punkinpuss on 2006-09-01 01:50 ]
Send your goods or cargo by ground, sea and/or air. Isn't that enough about shipping?
Yessir, I think the release date is September 26th. Mark it down, I can't wait to hear what you guys think.

May regret asking this, but what's "shipping"? I'm confused.
It means being a fan and supporting a specific relationship.

[ edited by Buffyfantic on 2006-09-01 02:08 ]
Hey Brian(said in my best Abbot and Costello voice), can you tell us if there's an official IDW view of Spike? I totally understand that you want us all to love Spike in your story but if I had to guess, a lot of what you're seeing in this thread are anxious fans on both sides(those that saw Spike make a journey to the heroic side and those that hated him and felt he never was heroic)trying to ascertain just who is the Spike you want us to love.

Snarky Spike who's quick with a quip and even quicker to quirk an eyebrow seductively at any female with or without a pulse? A character whose never going to be as 'heroic' as Angel? Or are we going to see some depths, some of that soul and drive that made him do what vampires and men mustn't?

Just saying that for many fans the verses and characters were never about quick character sketches that never changed. Many of us fans sat through two different shows, and two different times where Spike did the right thing just because it was the right thing. If IDW has a policy where Spike's main stories should revolve over and over around making a choice to be good or evil? It's going to wear thin. The character in the alley at the end of NFA had well decided he was fighting the ugly. He wasn't the conflicted vampire in season 5. I think I speak for a least 3 fans when I say more of soulful Spike where there isn't a will he/won't he go evil twist would be appreciated.
I like the Spike shown on Angel. He was the ballbusting, crass and very energetic character we had seen in season 5 Buffy. It was great to see. I also very much enjoy the Spike in these comics. And I am not a Spike fan. So for me, keep it up, because it not easy to get me to read Spike.

Brian, I think you hav deffiantly at least sold me for the first issue.

Faith, Angel and Spike will always walk that line between repemption and what is easy. That is why it is hard. And it never ends. Every fight brings new choices and reason why to do things. Nothing in the Angel world is black and white and good and bad. Conflict will always be there. Especially when one or more of these characters is on their own without a life line to always tell them what is concidered right and wrong.

I don't think you can compare Angel soul, redeption or heroic's to Spike. They are different and great in their own ways. Just like you can not compare Faith and Buffy as Slayers in the end. I think that all these character should have stories based on them and only them. I have never understod why everything Spike does with a soul has to be compared with Angel and be better or worse. I think that is sad.

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-09-01 02:28 ]
I have to add a "ditto" to Donna's post. I didn't care for Spike in season 6/7 of Buffy but season 5 of AtS Spike made me a fan again. He was fun, snarky, funny - and didn't have to be evil to do it.

That was a rollicking good time.
All i can say is, man, I wish you guys could read this series right now. There is a bunch of stuff that we've been talking about that is discussed in the series. Ramses 2, I swear on a stack of bibles that after reading your post above, I wish you could read the whole series now. You've hit a couple huge points right on the head that are in the book.

Only three weeks to go, man, I can't wait for you guys to see it.
Brian I wished you hadn't said that because you have written what looks to me like a really good Spike-centered comic book.

But in admitting that you believe that Buffy's heart still belongs to Angel, in shipping world you have outed yourself as a "Bangel" which is likely to alienate many Spike fans who would have purchased this series.

I personally want to see as many Spike comics as possible so I am a little bummed about that.

I am not offended, nor am I Spike ;), I am just bummed.

Who Buffy loves or doesn't love is unresolved in Buffy world. That's why there are still battles over it. It sounds like it doesn't matter in your series, but your opinion might matter to a lot of Spike fans.
I could be persuaded to read the whole series right now Brian:)
Well, Xane, if someone is going to avoid something I've written because of my opinion on something, even if it has nothing to do with WHAT I've written, I can't help that. They're gonna miss out on a fun book.

I think what's great about the world Whedon created is that, like life, there are no concrete answers or absolutes (hell, on a show with the words THE VAMPIRE SLAYER in the title, two of the biggest heroes are vampires), but a lot of hazy areas. Everyone can walk away with different opinions. It doesn't mean they're wrong.

So I hope that everyone that doesn't agree with me isn't so close-minded as to avoid something I've done with the characters they've loved, just because we differ in opinions. Luckily, I don't think that many people are so close minded.

And Ramses 2, I swear, you're gonna think I wrote the series after reading your post. Just you wait, you're gonna be happy.
Xane, I think (and apologies in advance for speaking on behalf of someone I don't know) that Brian was simply saying that based on what he saw, the "who did Buffy love issue" WAS resolved in the Buffy world on screen. I don't see him claiming that everyone would agree - though many do.

*shrug* Just a thought. Hopefully people aren't saying that he's not entitled both to his own opinion and the right to express it.

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Well said Brian!
If the comic is good, (and Ramses will love it--ha) then his unfortunate shipping choices shouldn't make a difference to Spike fans.. I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

[ edited by spikeylover on 2006-09-01 03:23 ]
LOL! I don't think his "shipping choices" are at all unfortunate. *g*

Of course, like he said himself, shipping isn't really a factor in his comic at all, so you're right that if a person is a Spike fan, I'm sure they'll be interested in this comic regardless.

[ edited by love4ba on 2006-09-01 03:29 ]
Is the shipping thing over yet? Cos many Spike fans don't even bother with that stuff. I'm interested in the character, as I am with many other characters in the verse. I don't think they need necessarily be defined by who they love/are loved by. I find that quite limiting to be honest.
Brian, I was looking forward to the story before, but I'm downright giddy now:)
Ramses 2, I wanna thank you for what you said, it got me even more charged for the book to come out.

While I'm at it, I also want to thank you guys for being so supportive and, even when there are disagreements, not getting all internet uppity. You guys are awesome.

By the way, I was in Hawaii when the pencils and inks for the cover to number 5 was released, did you dig it? I love it, it looks like a movie poster.
Brian, I'm glad you think we're not all internet-uppity, and indeed we are all "creamy & delicious" as James Gunn said, but you should also know we also behave well because if we don't, the Powers That Be Come Down To This Sandbox and Take Our Buckets Away.

They are Just But Loving Gods who Brook No Nonsense. (I'm just sayin'...)
Brian said:
By the way, I was in Hawaii when the pencils and inks for the cover to number 5 was released, did you dig it? I love it, it looks like a movie poster.

Loved it!

I agree with Lynnie about the 'shipping' being irrelevant. I just want to see Spike complicated, multilayered, and heroic.
Thank you so much for taking the time to come here and talk to us, the fans. It's nice to interact with someone who is also invested in the Buffyverse. It means a lot.

I only have one question. Are you allowed to bring Dru into the story? I have always loved the dynamics at play between Spike and Dru. I think that was my favorite incarnation of Spike. He was always the protector and a gentleman. It would be awesome to see Spike help Dru the way Buffy helped Spike. She is the only one of the fanged four, not to return to some type of souled existence.

[ edited by cheryl on 2006-09-01 06:00 ]
Powers That Be Come Down To This Sandbox and Take Our Buckets Away

You aren't wrong, QuoterGal. On that note there were a couple of posts that danced on the line as far as language that seemed designed to provoke other shippers, so lets be mindful of what we say. I'd hate to see anyone without a bucket and buried up to their neck when the tide comes in.

I'm sure that Brian will turn out a kickass book that will appeal to a broad swath (and/or broad/swarthy bunch) of fans of the show. I can't wait to see it and I'd like to think that no one here at W-esque is so close minded as to give the book a pass because they don't agree with every word that comes out of his mouth. People wouldn't have much at all to read, listen to, or watch if they behaved that way. If anyone here is going to fail to buy the book due to shipping nonsense, please let me know so I can buy extra copies to make up for the foolishness.

I just want to see Spike complicated, multilayered, and heroic.

Amen, anindoorkitty, amen!
I agree with you about Dru. While she's not in ASYLUM, I could have used her if I wanted, it just didn't fit into the story. That's not to say other stuff from the Buffy/Angel world doesn't pop up, but her story isn't told in this specific comic. That said, I would love to tackle a series involving Spike trying to change her, or at least help her. I think it's a great, great idea.


And Zeitgeist, I think you have to buy one extra copy. Got an angry private message from someone saying she ain't buying my book because of my opinions on the matter (even though it has nothing to do with ASYLUM). But it's cool, just buy one and enjoy it. Or two, if you want both covers. I just want anyone who reads it to like it.

[ edited by Brian Lynch on 2006-09-01 05:50 ]
That's awesome. Thanks Brian. Can't wait to read everything you put out there for us.

[ edited by cheryl on 2006-09-01 17:29 ]
Brian, drop me an email, the address is in my profile.
The cover of 5 was fantastic Brian.(In fact, I've been loving all the artwork we've seen so far)

Hey, I just noticed Cheryl called you Brain. Pandering from a shipper? I leave the verdict in your hands:)
LOL Ramses. Sometimes my fingers work faster than MY brain....or do they?

Thank You BRIAN. Your thoughts are appreciated by this fan.
The whole series deals with him trying to find his place in the world...
This quote, and what Brian has revealed in this thread, makes me more excited to read the book than I was previously. I agree that Spike is multilayered and that is part of what makes him so fascinating. He's only begun his journey as a souled creature and seeing him figure it out, without being an adjunct to either Buffy or Angel, is what I want to see (and what I interpreted James Marsters to mean when he said that he wanted Spike to accomplish something on his own).

Meg Wood in an old blog about Spike had an insightful comment about him that I'll reproduce below because it summarizes succinctly what I feel about Spike and his journey:
Also, I like that he's complex. Nay, I truly appreciate that he's complex. The show is essentially about good versus evil, right? But who knew that battle would so often be fought within a single character? And no one is duking that battle out internally like Spike is. Even Buffy, who has toyed with the dark side a bit herself, hasn't had to get right down to it the way Spike has. Life is tricky for him. He doesn't know how to be, who to be, or even why to be. And that, my friends, is what makes him so damn attractive.
If you want to read her current blog about recently becoming reinfatuated with James Marsters and Spike, click here, which also links to the entry quoted above. It's a fun read about rediscovering the pleasures of Buffy. Besides, how can you not like someone who appreciates the inherent charm of Shakespeare, the meerkat from Animal Planet's Meerkat Manor?

Brian, love your posts and am looking forward to the book - written by someone who understands and loves Spike and amazing art by Franco.
I have always loved the dynamics at play between Spike and Dru.

Having just re-watched Surprise and Innocence, back to back (Gypsy curse still buggin me), cheryl, I must agree. Both eps reminded me how much I loved the character of Drusilla. The way she moved, the way she talked, the way she was always surprising, yet consistent.
Sidenote: I was psyched when I was in Mel's Diner about a year ago, because Dru was sitting at the booth across from me. She was with a guy (not Spike, what is up with THAT???), and had a cast on her arm.

And while we're on the subject, let me tell you why living in LA is cool:

And about six months ago, right when I was deciding whether or not to use the ASYLUM idea in a SPIKE comic or try and do it as a creepy horror movie sans Spike, I was sitting outside Mel's Diner when David Boreanaz himself walked by with his son. I figured this was a sign.

Aaaaand about two months ago, I was at the movie theater at the Farmer's Market and a certain actress who played Cordelia was there. She's purty.

I've had my fair share of BUFFY/ANGEL encounters. Best one ever was getting to walk around the Sunnydale sets. The Bronze is SO small. Magic Box is pretty big, got to play with Buffy's weapon rack. Some of them are really sharp. Wacky but true.
Man,those encounters sound cool especially walking around the sets.
Embarrassed and genuinely surprised at how big a happy this thread has given me! Didn't know anything about Asylum, but damn if I'm not gonna get it now! Brian Lynch, thanks for coming here, dude. You just sold about 2000 more issues by popping in and showing us the love. Cool.

And hey - "She's purty." - You a Deadwood fan too? Or just coincidence? Richardson would be proud.
I like DEADWOOD a whole lot, but I didn't get "purty" from that. Not sure where I did. I did get pulling dude's eyes out from DEADWOOD, however, and I do that like all the time.
MacGuffin I really enjoyed that link.

When she talks about Andie's prom dress from Pretty in Pink,
"Whose brilliant design was that? Santino's?" HAH! Perfect!

And I too am really looking forward to this series. I loved Spike vs. Dracula and so far the premise and the art of this series seem even better to me. I want this to be successful so Brian can write many, many more!

[ edited by Moscow Watcher on 2006-09-01 17:14 ]
All I can say is I respect him for having HIS is own views and standing by them. They might not be popular with some but they are his and he is as entitled to them as anyone else. I am glad he has enough conviction to love this character and still see him in ways that many find compelling enough to want to read his works on other matters. It is fact EVERY fan or writer who is NOT Joss has their own interpertation of Joss's work, why can't he? Especially when it has nothing to do with the story he is telling?

Not everything comes down to shipping. It is a shame this obviously does for some, even if the over all story and message about the idividual charater he is talking about is more important. Not every fan who ships one way also hates Spike.

I love his interpertaion of Buffy. After all Buffy's journey has never been about any man and is going to continue without any(or at least without Spike and Angel) man in the comics written by Joss this very year!

[ edited by Donna Troy on 2006-09-01 13:30 ]
Yes he is entitled to his own opinion but this thread isn't going to be turned into an excuse to rehash petty fan rivalries by throwing new ammo at each other (and before people clasp their hands to their chest and proclaim innocence - I know where the bodies are buried in the fandom, I'm not fucking stupid).

If people want to use Brian or his views in such a manner to beat other posters around the head with or taunt their fan views, they will find themselves in a time out period or banned.

And I suggest that people wait till they read Spike Asylum #1 before forming an opinion about how Brian writes Spike.
Donna, Writers often need to tread alot more carefully then viewers,shippers or fanfiction writers. Cus if their work is deemed canon, it changes the outlook of the characters,show.

But i do think that most Spike fans will buy Asylum because it's about Spike,and like Brian said, it has nothing to to with Spuffy or Bangel.
And so far the only real good written souled Spike seemd to be by Scott Tipton in his two one shots. Peter David i was slightly disapointed by, his unsouled SPike in Spike vs Dracula rings true and is very well written, the last issue however didn't, wich was a souled,ghost Spike.

[edited under Whedonesque rules - Simon]
sethsky - while he is a writer, his posts here do not change canon. Let's drop it, please.
"That said, I would love to tackle a series involving Spike trying to change her, or at least help her. I think it's a great, great idea."

Brian, it's more than great, great. It's totally fabulous. I think for both Spike and Angel, Dru is a massive part of their lives and reflects back on who and what they were. I'd have loved to have seen them have to deal with the Dru dilemma on screen, but I'll take it in comic form.

But how to help her? Give her a soul and she's still insane. Give her a chip in the head and she's still evil and insane and, unlike Spike, more than willing to get others to do her dirty work for her. Dust her? Could they? Would they?

Okay, now I'm officially gagging for this comic to be written.
If you gave Dru a soul, would that amount to torture? She was insane before Angelus changed her. So giving her a soul might actually do more damage.

Maybe she needs peace. Something has to be done with dru one way or another. What a comic that would be to have Spike have to track her down and maybe at the end have her ask her "William" to give her just that. Throw in Illyria and that is the best IDW verse comic for Spike to date!

I second officially wanting this! But I also want to see you write Wes.
Spike, Angel, Dru and major angst. No need for any other characters imo. They'd detract from what could be a very powerful story.
I would not want Angel involved. It would turn into another silly fight. The real emotion would be lost. They would fight over who is responsible for her or if it came to it who was going to kill her. I think becasue it mean more for Spike to do it on his own. Show hs growth in heart and mercy. It should be just a Spike/Dru story.IMO.

I just love Illyria ans Spike together. I think she would learn alot from this kind of emotionally encounter.
I'm wanting an arc told from Dru's POV. Ultimate unreliable narrator. And she can think she's helping Spike. Cuz she, before anyone else, saw the potential in him, and hates everything this Buffy fixation has done to him.
I'd have to agree that Spike is more important in Dru's story than Angel although Angelus has a big part in it as well.
I would never want to see Dru die, she is one of the coolest characters in the series.
Juliet is stunning and has a unique way with everything she does. She really brought the character to life.
Pointy, that is an interesting idea--kind of like SUPERSTAR but not.
Graci, spikeylover!

Now how would Jane E. handle Dru's quest to free Spike from the the curse of ensoulment . . .
Now how would Jane E. handle Dru's quest to free Spike from the the curse of ensoulment . . .

With jokes-aplenty and some character insight along the way, I've no doubt.

***Just another reminder to keep the inflammatory statements out of this. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we aren't here to rehash shipping debates and attack one another in public. Its okay to discuss, its not okay to call someone names or make them feel bad because they have an opinion that differs from yours. I like to think that we're all better than that (and those of us that aren't will find themselves removed from the we in short order). Attacking someone who has taken the time and effort to help keep the Buffy-verse alive is particularly appalling from people who claim to be fans. Nor is it okay to use Brian's opinion as cover to taunt other shippers.***
Zeitgeist - I deleted my post. I'm sorry for overstepping. It still hurts, after all these years, to see Spike-haters rejoicing on this thread.

[ edited by Moscow Watcher on 2006-09-04 00:39 ]
Moscow Watcher - thank you. We're all so in love with this world and these characters that sometimes we get caught up in it and our passionate discussions become arguments.

It happens to all of us at times, so lets just take an extra minute before hitting post to put ourselves in someone else's shoes and try to read our posts fresh from an outside perspective.
Quote from Anindoorkitty:

"I agree with Lynnie about the 'shipping' being irrelevant. I just want to see Spike complicated, multilayered, and heroic."

Absolutely!!! I think if your comic delivers this characterization for Spike we will all be happy.
Leave the shipper issues to Joss to resolve 'if ever' or to each reader to decide for themselves...and just give us as much Spike as you want to write.
That would make me one very happy Spike fan.

So Brian...Hawaii?????? Man I soooo want to have a job like you....Tom Selleck is still living in Hawaii...right....sorry I got side tracked.
MacGuffin, thanks for Meg's link. I think I must be the only person in the world who wanted Andie to end up with Steph in Pretty in Pink.
Well, Brian, you've got my curiosity going. I think you're right. This really could have stood alone as a non-Whedonverse horror story. But I'm glad the little omens smacked you over the head with a two-by-four. I think it will be all the more facinating that you have put it in the Whedonverse. Will definitely be an interesting exploration into Spike's character. Can't wait to read the series.

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