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August 31 2006

Nick Brendon is Noah Wyle's slave. According to Nick's latest audioblog, his Lobster Alice co-star won Nick at auction. Sometimes, the slash writes itself.

Could the slash also erase itself when its done? :)
Allyson, this has to be one of the funniest story descriptions ever! And here we were discussing eunuchs on another front page thread today. Coincidence? You decide. ;-)
I like how Steve the dog is called Steven (or Stephen) when he does something bad.
Yeah. When I was transcribing it, I wasn't sure if it should be Steven or Stephen. I mentally flipped a coin and went with it. Here's hoping Steve isn't offended if I got it wrong!

And how did we go from Noah buying Nick (and something about handcuffs and carrots, but I guess we'll hear more about that later), to eunuchs? My mind either can't or doesn't want to figure out the link.
His blog entries are so amusing. What a shame the play had such a short run, just a few more weeks and I'd have had a chance to see it. And only $1000? I'm wirh him, that's only $76 an hour! Get 25 people in on the bid...
J. Monique, it's a Hollywood dog. For all we know, he could spell it "Steefhen".
It sounds like Disney will put footage from the play in The Making of Destino whatever they are doing? Fantastic. I saw the play last week and it was amazing... I was lamenting that it wasn't on film somewhere.
J.Monique - thanks for transcribing that for folks like me who can't get audio at work. ;)
You're welcome! Although transcribing at around 2 a.m. was interesting -- "handcuffs and carrots? OK..."
I'm so in love with him. I think it's the coolest thing ever that he does an audioblog. Funny and fun and fabulous. Thanks for the transcript too!

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