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August 31 2006

Charisma talks Relative Chaos, Veronica, Buffy and Angel. A lengthy and very nice interview.


What a classy lady love everything she said. Especially about Nicky!

Her thoughts on her favorite seasons and her last ep were very cool. Cordy will always be one of my favorites.

I am so looking forward to this movie.
I love her interviews - she always comes across as so sweet. And I seriously CANNOT wait to see her and Nicky together again on that Lifetime movie.....

IGN TV: I loved the 100th episode and it was great having you back. Do you think that was good closure for the character? Were you happy with the send off she got?

Carpenter: Bittersweet-happy. I was really sad that she died, and I didn't want to come back for the 100th episode if she was going to die. And I kind of got a little hoodwinked into that. Because then, after I agreed to do it, they were like, "Yeah, we're gonna kill her." And I started to cry. I was like, "No! I specifically did not want to come back for her to be killed!" I didn't know what they were going to do or what they had in mind and then I was really resentful. I was like, "What?!" Not resentful, not angry, as much as hurt and sad, like, "No!" I don't know, it's such a big part of my life and it was just so awful to think about her dying. And it was shocking and I was sad and I grieved, and then I'm like, "I'm not doing this!"

This part made me a little sad - I'd heard rumors that she didn't want Cordy killed and that her death was something she was "tricked" about, but to see it confirmed was....well, sad.

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It is also nice to hear that more castmates have stayed in touch. Her comments about DB are great!

It almost makes me to want to try and watch VM this year. But I may be too behind in the show.
Nice timing for this, considering that Fri AM TNT wraps up AtS, starting over on Monday!

I've heard rumors of diva-ness on those sets (BtVS, AtS) but every interview I've ever read with any of the actors seems to belie those rumors....anyone want to clarify, or is that verboten?

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Lovely interview. She seems totally cool!
I think all anyone really needs to remember is that actors are people too. Everyone has good and bad days.

CC was seems to work very much like DB. It was a job. They enjoyed it. But at the end of the day you go home and have your real life. And that is a good thing.
Great interview.

Oh and Donna, defintely give VM a try. It is so good and really needs more viewers. :)
Is it very twisty and turny? I mean can you get lost easy? I am trying right now to get caught up with Grey's Anatomy and finding that pretty easy.
Classy interview from a classy lady.
I wish her the best of luck.
My goodness. What a picture-perfect interview! Covered the old and the new in quite touching detail, didn't say anything that might annoy shippers or quippers or whatever they call those things these days, and gave a nice insider insight to the whole shebang.

love4ba: it doesn't sound like she was tricked. It sounds like she was eventually convinced, despite initial misgivings, that it was a delightful send-off for her character. I have to agree - it made me all misty eyed.

VerseRoamer: probably verboten. I'm no mod - but one of the good things about Whedonesque is that the best is assumed about cast and commenters both. Rumours are rife elsewhere, but they never seem to ever get resolved or make anybody happy, so why bother :-)

Hacksaway: Thanks for the post. Top notch reporting reportage.
Chiming in to say I'm very happy to see you guys enjoyed this interview. It was awesome to do! I was told I'd be able to talk to Charisma for 10-15 minutes, but it ended up being over a half hour. She was really great to talk to and very open. At one point she joked, "You're getting the dish!"

As to rumors about cast/crew issues, etc... To me, there's several factors that make me push it all aside. One is that we'll never really know what happened, because we weren't there. I've seen people take absolute sides in certain Buffy/Angel issues involving things that occured with cast members leaving or such and to me, I try to be mindful of the fact that there are always two sides to every story, and a fan of all involved, I'm not really on either side... or I guess I'm on both. I'm neutral. The other big factor of course is that time heals wounds and gives perspective. People are people and I'm sure there were cast/crew issues through the years, simply because that's how it goes for most of us, but it doesn't mean it's the all important aspect to the work or experience for either us as fans or them as the creators.

Again, glad you guys enjoyed the interview! It's been a great couple of weeks for this Buffy/Angel fan, getting to talk to David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter and Alyson Hannigan (the latter in a How I Met Your Mother set visit, which will be going up the week of that shows premiere - end shameless plug!).
Crikey, Mr G - thanks for chiming in. I look forward to reading about the AH set visit (please post it when it goes live - for us non-USA folk devoid of such scheduling). You are quite the enjoyable interviewer and I can only imagine how fan-tastic (arf arf - ok, kill me now) the last couple of weeks were for you.
giles - Thanks. It was my first linkage, so I was kind of nervous about it.

Eric G - Great job on the interview.
I liked Charisma before but after that interview my estimation of her has gone way up. That's the best interview I've ever read with her.


Oh, rad! That should be really interesting.

What is there not to love about that?
I've always loved Charisma - and her character Cordelia is my number one favorite Joss creation ever - but wow. Just...everytime I read a new interview of hers, I get even more blown away.

She is such an amazing person.
I love that she's watching old episodes of Angel and enjoying them so much.
I'm surprised that she even watches through the DVDs of the show and enjoys the series. A lot of the stars I've heard about are either too self-absorbed and only focus on themselves, or they're too self-conscious to actually watch anything they're involved with.

Though her disappointment about DVD commentaries and extras clearly cements her as a fan (not to mention the fact she checks those out too). I'm utterly baffled as to how that sort of thing works though, since it sounds like they never even tried to get into contact with her about the recording. This interview nearly makes up for it though, it's nice to see that she's willing to be so reflective over something in the past.
When I read her comments on rewatching Angel episodes and marvelling at how nice the relationship was between Cordy and Angel, I thought that it would be nice if David B did the same thing. He has so completely moved on that I think a large part of it is because when you are in the thick of it, you don't/can't see what you are creating. It might give him a new appreciation of the show!
Joss cries at his own stuff? I knew he did when he wrote it but later? What a softy! Well, no surprise, I guess. It can be very powerful, especially in the hands of great actors.
There be SPOILERS there for Veronica Mars! Not great white whale ones, just itsy minnow ones, but still. Although I do sort of love her story idea.
I teared up over the manicure parlor conversation - Charisma, I will always be a Buffy & Angel fan!
I'll be that guy in a diner 20 years from now saying "I was a big Buffy (and Angel) fan."

Actually, I'll probably be forcing a spare DVD set of Season 1 on the server, saying, "Just watch the first 2 episodes, back-to-back..."

Great interview, just great.
Donna Troy and any others on the fence about Veronica Mars - the show is being retooled specifically to be welcoming to new viewers. Check it out and then after you get hooked you can go back for the twisty-turny backstory.

And I have to be the 90th to say what an excellent interview this is.
Really nice interview.

CC has the most beautiful smile. I can still remember the first time I saw it in its radiance on BtVS, and it comes through in her publicity photos. But, interestingly, the radiance of the smile seems as much internal as external, for it seems to come through in this interview.
i always love reading her one seems to love their character as much as her (and maybe james marsters). it's always nice to hear that those moments that meant so much to us meant as much to her.

and i'm with you CC...i couldn't believe you were not on the commentary for "You're Welcome"! It's good to know that you felt the same way and didn't refuse an offer or anything :) But these little tidbits almost make up for your absence on the DVD.

i'm definitely watching RC. Hope to see more CC in the near future! (maybe in star-spangled undies?)
Lovely interview with a lovely lady. I really enjoyed reading it.
She sounds like a very classy lady.Wish her all the best.
I loved the part about Nick. Charisma isn't just stunningly gorgeous, she's smart and very talented. And she seems so down-to-earth, too. I can't wait to watch her and Nick together again.
Well, I'm getting teary just reading her description of shooting the 100th episode.
"Is it very twisty and turny? I mean can you get lost easy? I am trying right now to get caught up with Grey's Anatomy and finding that pretty easy."

On TV, a bit, on DVD nope. But yeah, get the DVDs. I think I heard Costco are doing it for under $20. Or you could borrow it from any of these libraries.
Coming to the party a little late today, but what a wide-ranging interview with a woman who sounds very kind, thoughtful and funny! :-)

This part made me a little sad - I'd heard rumors that she didn't want Cordy killed and that her death was something she was "tricked" about, but to see it confirmed was....well, sad.

love4ba, I have to agree with giles (yiimrn) that in fact it all turned out great for Ms. Carpenter. When you read the very next paragraph, she explains how David Fury told her what Joss's idea was, and she really was moved by it -- and, like giles, I agree it's one of the most emotional scenes in the entire series!

Another great interview, Eric G! Keep 'em coming! :-)
Such a fantastic interview with such a great woman.
Wow, you guys are entirely too nice. Thanks very much. BTW, I'm transcribing an interview I did with Wentworth Miller right now that is going up tonight, and I'd forgotten that there's a brief but fun little bit in it in which we talk about his experience working on Buffy in "Go Fish."
Great interview!! She seems like such a fun, down to earth gal. I love that she TiVos Angel and that she is now getting to enjoy the characters/story more. You're Welcome was an amazing episode, and it makes it even more amazing when you hear Charisma's thoughts about it. So wish she could have been on that commentary.

Does anyone know if the WB is going to have a guest host for their last night of programming? It would be so great if Charisma or Nicky could pare up with someone else to host this. Maybe Joshua Jackson from Dawson's Creek or Amanda Foreman from Felicity?? Would be a nice tribute.
Wentworth Miller? *DROOL* Holy Cow, I cannot wait to read that....Prison Break is just so....guh! Thanks for the heads up Eric!

How funny that I even forgot he was ON Buffy....really looking forward to that!
Eric G, was the interview in person or over the phone? If in person, I commend you even more. Were I in the presence of her beauty I'd be babbling like a brook and just as wet from nervous sweating. Seven wonders of the world: Great Pyramid, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Charisma Carpenter...hell with the rest of them.
Charisma was on the phone (by comparison, David Boreanaz, Alyson Hannigan and Wentworth Miller were in person). Yeah, I think it would have been more difficult in person too. Though I will say sitting across from Alyson and Cobie Smulder on the How I Met Your Mother set... That was not my most focused interview. :)
Just when I thought I couldn't like her more.

(Carpenter makes working out noises)

that made my heart glad.
What a great interview. I have always thought Charisma became a terrific actress over the years, and seems like a genuinely nice person, for example not charging fans for autographs. I admire her honesty in this interview- she doesn't pretend that she wasn't upset about the way her character was killed off, or that the situation could have perhaps been handled a little more tactfully, and I think it's great that she tells it like it is.

I think they definitely should have drafted Charisma in to do a commentary with Joss and David in You're Welcome. As she said, as much as I like both Christian Kane and Sarah Thompson, and their characters, I think that the whole episode was about doing justice to Cordelia's character, and it would have been much more appropriate for her to have a part in discussing it, along with David, who has acted alongside her since season one of Buffy and whose character we have seen develop so beautifully alongside Cordelia on AtS. And of course Joss who conceived both characters to begin with.

Perhaps someday we might see re-released boxsets with more features? They certainly seem to be fond of repackaging them frequently without adding anything extra and that must be successful, so I'm sure with a plethora of bonus features even those of us who already have sets would consider buying new ones if there was a lot of additional material.
It's great to see all of the CC love!!!

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