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September 01 2006

Booster Event's BE SCARED and FLAN 2 Luncheon Tickets on sale now. Special luncheon tickets for both BE Scared and Flan 2 are now up on ebay. To view all auctions, go here. The luncheons have limited seating.

BE SCARED will be held October 13-15, 2006 at the Burbank Hilton in Burbank, CA. So far, guests include: John Kassir, Christian Kane, Julie Benz, Bruce Campbell, Andy Hallett, Juliet Landau, Clare Kramer, Dennis Christopher, Doug Jones, Camden Toy and Scott Schwartz.

FLAN 2 will be held December 8-10, 2006 at the Burbank Hilton in Burbank, CA. So far, guests include: Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass, Christina Hendricks, Mark A. Sheppard, Keith DeCandido, Terri Osborne and The Bedlam Bards.

We don't do eBay links unless it's for charity. We have a Convention sub forum over at if you'd care to post it there.
Oh sorry. I didn't know. I'll change it to the booster events link. Is that okay?

[ edited by Soapbucket on 2006-09-01 13:21 ]
As long as it's not a self link, that's fine.
Is it okay now? I'm not sure what a self link is. :( Thanks.
Here's the relevant bit in our rules.

Do not post links to your own stuff. It is considered bad etiquette to link to your own site, a site you are associated with, something you've written or designed, or something that's been written about you or your projects. This is not a place to advertise yourself or your homepage. Persistent self-linkers will lose their posting rights. Self-links will be deleted.

It's not a self link. Now I know what it is. Thanks. :)
Sometimes it feels like an advertising site for Booster Events here at Whedonesque, are you on a profit-share :-)

Sorry soapbucket, I do like knowing where my favourite actors will be showing up at. The spam gets a little much sometimes because I get feeds as well as visiting the site ;-D
Bruce Campbell. Nice get!

Sometimes it feels like an advertising site for Booster Events here at Whedonesque, are you on a profit-share.

I wish we fuckin' were.
I'm not keen on these links because they all look like advertising. But people like to go to conventions.
Maybe the nice people at BE can give a huge donation to whedonesque for all this free publicity.
Great suggestion, TamaraC! I hope the Booster people take it to heart. :-)
We take tuna.
Yeah but what about shrimp?
Carnac the Magnificent:

We take tuna

Ed McMahon: What did Jerry Jones say when he hired Bill Parcells to coach the Dallas Cowboys?
Guys, BE raises a buttload of money for worthy causes with their events (and no, I am not associated with them in any way). Whedonesque is easily the best and most widely-read Whedon-related site, so it really IS an ideal place to publicize the opportunity for fans of the 'verse to gather. :-)
Talking of Booster Events didn't they hold a convention with some Whedonverse guests a couple of weeks back? I seem to have missed any reports on it and I do so like to read about these things and find what the stars are up to these days.
Sarah, one of the members of the BE board did a couple of blogs about the charity dinner she won with Mark Sheppard. Since I'm co-owner of the BE site, I don't know if I can link them in this post. Suffice it to say there is now a Cafe Press t-shirt that reads: Sarah paid $2,100.00 for dinner with Mark and all she got was a lousy t-shirt. (This is tongue in cheek because she loved Mark, who spent a good deal of the weekend sitting in the lobby, chatting with fans.) Oh, yes... the Cafe Press store also has a button which reads: Mark Doesn't Put Out. Any profits from the cafe press store go to BE Charitable, Inc. I'll see what reports I can find on the Whedonverse guests and post them on
You're fine to link to your own stuff in comments just not on the front page.

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