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September 01 2006

"Tripping Forward" featuring Amber Benson wins Calgary Fringe Film Festival top honor. The film was awarded the 2006 Grand Champion Award for Best Film of Festival at the Calgary Fringe Film Festival. The film is expected to be in wider release in 2007.

The plot and cast;

"A hilarious buddy comedy, "Tripping Forward" marks the feature film directorial debut of commercial director Marcus Nash of Mania Films Inc. Fun and irreverent, the film follows the lives of two tried and true party boys; a struggling actor and a out-of-the-limelight rock star, who fool-heartedly resort to selling cocaine to supermodels to make rent. Marked by a brilliant cast including Chris Fogleman ("Art School Confidential"), Amber Benson ("Buffy"), William Gregory Lee ("Dark Angel"), MC Gainey ("Lost"), Ed Begley Jr. ("St. Elsewhere"), John Kapelos ("Legally Blonde"), Eric Peter-Kaiser ("Miracle"), Angela Kinsey ("The Office"), Ezra Buzzington ("The Hills Have Eyes"), Sung Hi Lee ("The Girl Next Door"), Billy Morrison ("The Cult" / "Camp Freddy"), Danielle Roberts ("Everybody Hates Chris"), Craig Shoemaker ("Scream 2") and Playboy Playmate of the Year Irina Voronina."

Awesome! Go Amber! :-)

I will use this opportunity to plug the latest issue of Angel Magazine- #16 - which has a wonderful interview with Amber which also contains a lovely picture of Amber, Chris Golden, a very pretty blonde and two of the most adorable children you will ever see. I don't know WHO their mother might be... ;-)
This is really great news for Amber! Looking forward to seeing this film.
Shiny cast. I'd like to see this, too.
Yay! Another great Amber film to watch... :-)

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